Do you plan to use people's real names? If so are you gaining consent?

I had considered using pseudonyms or otherwise disguising the identity of characters mentioned in the journals but felt that it would easily be possible to identify them from the details provided and would thus be rendered pointless.

By being open and transparent with descriptions, care would therefore always have to be taken with the accuracy and truth of the passages. The best and final defence against libel and slander with any publication is the truth of what is being said and, as these are regarded as contemporaneous notes from 30 years back, they would be difficult to contest.

In the end, we all have to be accountable for things that we do and say and after all this time  most people would have come to terms with events that far back and been philosophical and have taken their friends/relatives/spouses etc. into their confidence. Certainly honesty is always the best policy!

Having said all that some activities once commonplace are now either illegal or viewed as reprehensible in this era of acute political correctness and so have been removed for a further 30years or the lifetime of the subject (whichever is earlier) to avoid incrimination.

Other passages might be unnecessarily offensive to those also still living and so are blanked out and delayed  for a further period of purdah. In all cases where this is done, it is made obvious and referenced with a date when the content is scheduled for full publication.

The site Content Management System allows for me to work ahead and schedule publication and where such sensitive content is spotted, it may be possible to pass it by the recipient by showing the text and inviting a response. Such a response, denial or contention could even be published for completeness.

In conclusion, the aim of this endeavour is to reveal, warts and all, the life of a person travelling through this era and chronicling the experience with a frankness and openness that is unique so please regard the site as Adult Content  and be prepared to read about things, habits, exploits and outcomes as they really occurred.