Diana still ill as I make breakfast and lay up The Lady and repair Dan’s computer before taking the family to The Riverside Park for lunch and an evening of paperwork as Fords and the Miners plan national strikes

Late in bed before getting up to fry a good breakfast of eggs bacon and mushrooms before Diana rises to complete the food for the rest of the family. Di is still quite ill and worse today spending most of it in bed. This morning to clean out the ducks, and open up The Lady to allow the air to aerate. Then to repair Daniel’s Vic computer by changing the main fuse and soldering two detached wires and it was good to see it working again after so long. Off to the Riverside Park in St Neots and for lunch in the site restaurant of cottage pie for Diana and steak and kidney pie for myself. Debbie had the sausage beans and chips but Daniel disgraced himself by bad manners and had to spend the meal time in the car without.

After to return home and spend the afternoon laying up The Lady by emptying the toilets, closing the engine inlet and toilet cocks, and emptying the engine and fresh water systems. Then to wash and vacuum the car and lastly to put away the ducks in clean straw in hope that the twice-daily feeds these last few days and clean litter will bring them back to lay. An evening relaxing in paperwork, television and bathing before early bed in preparation for another tough week ahead.

No newspapers today as the print workers strike continues yet. Also today, Ford’s Halewood plant voted today on plan for national strike and Arthur Scargill talks of miners action as well.

The weather today still mild with the rain earlier today clearing up this afternoon but with no sunshine