August 1986

A cold, wet, windy and miserable month recovering after our early summer away on holiday and a similarly miserable domestic economy riven by hardship and division as Thatcher holds out against football violence, industrial unrest, Irish activists, South African sanctions and the aftermath of a ruined Commonwealth Games; but the whole family is fit and healthy although cracks start to show between Diana and I as she wants to spend time away and I struggle to catch up with work at home. Shocking news of the Chernobyl Nuclear blast reveals 31 dead and 200 seriously irradiated

And so ends the month of August. After the sun and dryness of July, and with high hopes for this continuing, this has been a stormy wet and windy month and there is a definite autumnal air to the weather at the moment. The tail end of Hurricane Charlie that is causing all of this wind and rain and the coldest August for many years and has already led to five dead on the sea and rivers. The new month finds us all well, with no serious illness or conditions, but we are feeling the strain of the children’s school holiday. We have enjoyed a nice holiday on The Lady and in Great Yarmouth with some highlights such as taking Mr Wells’ Glenda Margaret to the Scroby Sands and hiring a day boat for a tour on The Norfolk Broads. I also made my own nostalgic walk around Horsey. We then returned to tend the house as the cleaner and gardener took their breaks but we were inundated by Daniel’s friends, both male and female. The boys had Clare and Heather around after which Daniel went to Clare’s house to ‘watch videos’! I have plenty to do these days, with the odd jobs and maintenance that the Hayling View provides, and was also tussling with the financial arrangements for the children’s trusts. Di likes to spend as much time shopping and away from the house as possible, which is a bit worrying.