Sidney Inskip Ladds

To Huntingdon on a rainy day, researching local Little Paxton history in the reference library and then record office referencing the Sidney Inskip-Ladds books, auction details of The Grove and an aerial picture of Paxton Park both just after the war. US officials testify about what they knew concerning the Iran Arms deal, the UK continue to squirm over MI5 issues and try to overturn the teachers settlement but may fail in the Lords but the French Government back down on their educational reforms

Later to bed and, being cold, took a while to get to sleep. Once asleep, was equally reluctant to wake up and turned over and snoozed again after my morning tea, until Di stripped off the bed sheets for the wash. Showered and shaved, forgetting to wash my hair, which I shall have to leave until tomorrow. Breakfast and then the morning paper, briefly, before spending a quick half hour in the office, when it was then time to leave for Huntingdon with Diana and Della. Parked and had coffee at the Chelsea Coffee House, whilst I finished reading the various pamphlets and booklets I had received this morning from Family History Societies. Then Di did some shopping, whilst I went to the Reference Library to do some more studying. I was interested in a large shelf unit of Ladds books and then the sections dealing with the Palaeolithic age and archaeological finds. Managed to copy a large amount of information to back up my intended section on Little Paxton in these times.

Lunch with Di at the Wimpy and then back afterwards to continue. I was charmed by a fine choir singing carols in the shopping centre and I contributed to their charity collection. More searches through the Hunts Post indexes and also got the burial dates of some of the Lords of Manor past to try to obtain their wills from Somerset House. Also got Inskip Ladds family tree from a visitation book. Then a cup of tea and across to the Record Office in Grammar School Walk. There to ascertain that my photographs are on order and also get some fine auction details on The Grove of the 1950s. Also saw some aerial pictures of Little Paxton in 1946, which showed much of the Park already under cultivation. Home for a salad tea and then read Deb a Country Companion. More examination results from Daniel, which were of mixed attainment. The news today is of developments on both sides of the Atlantic on the security agency affairs. Robert McFarlane and George Shultz have been giving their versions of the Iran arms deal. Shultz was not aware of the Nicaraguan finance link, but was involved in two briefings on the Iran deal. The Lebanese US Ambassador was involved with the arms deals in  bypaasing the Foreign Secretary. The Nicaraguans blame the US air force today for an air attack on its boarders, but the Americans only admit to air transport support with Honduran troops. The French government has backed down over the student education reforms and withdrawn the education bill entirely. The British government is considering prosecuting Chapman Pincher under the Official Secrets Act, now that they have been publicly embarrassed over lack of action until now. Mr Wright, in Australia, accuses Thatcher of gravely misleading the House of Commons in 1979 over Mr Anthony Blunt and again provided a lot of false material in a later statement about ex-MI5 Chief, Sir Roger Hollis. There have been riots on the occupied West Bank of Jordon (now in Israeli hands) and youth stoning the armed forces are now receiving rifle shots in return, a 12 year old boy being killed in the process. A new Education Bill is being rushed through Parliament to overrule the outcome of the teacher’s pay negotiations before Christmas, but may well find trouble in the House of Lords. At long last, two changes are taking place that, firstly, removes the anomaly where servicemen in the Armed Forces are not eligible for injury compensation during peacetime, and secondly, a reasonable number of Britain’s swimming beaches are to be EEC designated as such and brought up to safe bacterial and pollution levels. It rained again today and more is forecast for tomorrow.