December 1986

A month of typical wintry weather which I spent inside managing my investments and advancing my research and writing of The History of Little Paxton as the family overcame illness to enjoy Christmas and take part in all types of event at the behest of the children. The Thatcher government faced further crisis as an ex MI5 office revealed more about how Tory MP’s combined with the service to bug and discredit the former Wilson government, and then embarrassment  in the Australian courts as our senior civil servant was found out lying about what we knew. She is also humiliated by Ulster demonstrations, revelations of corruption and insider trading following deregulation of the City and leaks surrounding the loss of the AWACS contract to the US but persists with passing an Education Bill through the Commons to thwart the teacher’s strike. Opec pegs the oil price and that helps the UK but our Balance of payments plunges into the red. Much loss of life in disasters in Iceland, Ukraine, Germany and France, from Apartheid in South Africa,  and from ethnic conflicts and terrorism in Karachi, Pakistan and China and much domestic violence which contrast with the Christmas messages  of the HM The Queen and the Pope


A typical December in terms of weather with some dull days but also some cold and frosty ones with an occasional  hard frost and also may that we re just cold, wet and breezy. I kept warm and dry by spending most of them inside, supervising the ongoing investment of my affairs, and progressing my Little Paxton local history project. I was buying $25K of N.S Certificates amongst many other investments before producing compiling and printing out my massive Excel spread sheet of investments and income to send to my financial advisers with a full summary for comments and advice by the end of the month.  Preparations and enjoyment of Christmas were highlights as I bought our ‘long life’ Christmas tree, put up Christmas lights on all four balconies  of The Hayling View, took  Della to Bar Hill to be looked after by the grand-parents as the rest of the family enjoy the pantomime ‘Robinson Crusoe’ in Cambridge and then sat roasting chestnuts with Debbie over our open log fire at the end of the day. I suffered a disorganised Xmas riding party for  Debbie at the riding school  and accompanied her to church with the Guides for the Christingle and Carol services  before she could then enjoy the excitement  of a combined Brownies/Scouts disco party. It was Diana who took Debbie to ballet but I was at the horse-riding watching Debbie canter and jump on Barbie at the riding school. School term ended for Christmas but not before we learnt about Daniel succeeding in English and History, coming 2nd in Maths but then bottom in English Literature! Diana and I went swimming with the family at St Neots indoor pool, Ernulf  when we were fit but we were all sick with colds etc in the run-up to Christmas but we spent Christmas Eve recovering at home in front of the fire and television from the colds and illnesses of taking the family to visit Diana’s people in Bar Hill for a pleasant afternoon before home to put the kids to bed  after which we could recover at home in front of the fire enjoy a successful Christmas Day lunch and present opening staying warm with balcony lights on to cheer us but, sadly, without my parents as Mum was not fit to travel.