Friday 28th February 1986

A challenging day of disruption to my illness recovery as I now suffer from the ‘flu with house heating still not working and a wife who wants to be away from it all rather than  looking after me but I take comfort in reading Samuel’s diaries, watching some televised snooker and then spending time with all three children later when they come home. This as BNF are at the centre of several radioactive emission risk scandals and yet more jobs lost as our shipbuilding and defence contractors are left to close their doors, NASA halts all space flights over safety concerns and the UK tax office fails to answer 5m enquiries!


A settled night, after a first day up yesterday and then to have breakfast in bed of more porridge with brown sugar. Was still suffering from the flu and so opted for the day in bed. Also the central heating had still failed after yesterday and so the house was too cold to use. Diana went off to Cambridge this morning to see the contact lens man and so I had to suffer interruptions rom Joan as she briefed me on the various telephone calls and visitors that we had. Eventually, she arrived back after I had settled down in bed and had already read the daily paper.

Thursday 27th February 1986

A return to routine after my recovery and the rectification of our heating with more building work on our upstairs en-suite shower-room and the downstairs poll room tiling before lunch with Diana and Norma and listening to Debbie reading her books with Daniel returning from school, doing chores and bringing improved school assessments. This as PC Havelock was finally charged with shooting Mrs Cherry Groce that triggered the start of the Brixton riots

Slept well and first awake at 6.15am to remind Diana that this was her declared time to rise! She made the morning drinks and brought them after an hour or so and she reports that the heating controls had worked fine. I got up for a breakfast of porridge, but then went back to bed to read the morning post and paper. A large, but fairly insignificant mail – mainly computer journals, which is a feature of Thursdays. I read the computer papers (they contained the normal discouragements of this anti-industrial era), then the local papers, the letters and finally the FT.

Wednesday 26th February 1986

Day of welcome recovery from my ailments which enabled me to read the newspaper, welcome all types of contractor back to work creating The Hayling View and a visit of Nigel Smith as Labour’s National Executive agree measures against Militant, rioting conscripted Egyptian security police trash three hotels and the full story about the Marcos family corruption emerges in the Philippines

A good night and, for once, awake feeling much better. No fever, headache and even my rash has subsided. Only my light-headedness remained. Down to join the family for breakfast of porridge and toast and then up to bed to spend the rest of the morning reading the Financial Times. Di was out shopping this morning and Daniel back at school, but the gas fitter arrived to repair the boiler (again – this time ‘a piece of dirt had fallen on the pilot light’), the electrician returned and actually managed to commission the central heating time and temperature controls (at last!) and John the builder carried on tiling the pool shower room.

Tuesday 25th February 1986

A better day without headache and a longer story for Debbie and game of Monopoly with her and Daniel as I steadily recover but suffer a rash that might be a reaction to the medicine but the builders return, tiling the poolroom and utility room as Cory Aquino is sworn in as new Philippines president, Labour recommends expelling militants from the Liverpool party, Thatcher and the Unionists differ on the Anglo-Irish pact and four sites are considered for nuclear waste whilst Sterling rises 3 ½ cents against the dollar

A slow night as I woke several times. Now that my temperature is dropping, I do not need to sleep some of the day and all through the night as well. Breakfast of porridge again, which I am still enjoying, and then the morning paper. Blessed relief today from the headache that I have had for a week and an otherwise comfortable time. Daniel and Debbie came up to play Monopoly with me and we had a good game. I let Debbie win and she wrote her name and today’s date on the board to commemorate the event. My main problem is the rash that is most noticeable on the backs of my hands and on my knees – though it is all over my body in small amounts.