The terrible Lockington Train crash today

Breakfast after a poor warm, stuffy and noisy night in Ely and then food shopping before cruising over to Babylon Marina for fuel and water to hear of their poor season and then the cruise to a Littleport riverside pub to find The Littleport Show in full swing with the heavy horses a big attraction and then the cruise up the River Wissey to Hilgay where we enjoyed a nice walk. News of a nasty rail crash on a level crossing with seven dead and gold medals for Britain in the depleted Commonweath Games

Slept very soundly, but Di had an equally poor night. The weather is warm and stuffy and our moorings in Ely were beset with the quayside lights, noises and the frequent diesel trains in and out of Ely Station. Our breakfast of toast, cereals and fruit juice, then out to Tesco supermarket to buy a large amount of groceries and supplies, as we were due to head out into the country today. All back to The Lady and across to Babylon for our fuel and water. We had used just 5 gallons in the last two days going to Cambridge and back.

Mr Laurey, the owner of Ely Marina, served us himself and said that, although it is quite busy at the moment, few of the boats in his marina are moving, which is quite strange. On downstream and an hours cruise to Littleport, where we moor at a riverside pub and have some bar snacks in the garden when it starts serving at 12.00 midday. There was an aviary in the garden, which the girls enjoy by watching the many budgerigars and lovebirds. We then walk into the village, as today is the day of the Littleport Show. A fine country fair and agricultural show, with a fairground, stalls, children’s races and livestock competitions. In particular, the large turnout of 30 + heavy horses (Shires, Suffolks and Chevrolets) was a magnificent sight. The long walk back to The Lady, then an even longer cruise of 2hrs + to the mouth of the River Wissey and along to moor at our favourite spot of Hilgay. They have been improving this site by installing new moorings and public toilets, but boats still prefer to moor on the field where the children can play. A little fishing, but the water is gin clear and the fish hard to catch as a result. Took a nice walk with Di later through the village and up to Hilgay church and back. Daniel played quite nicely with Debbie this evening – first in the outboard motor dinghy and then in The Lady as we were out. News today was of a nasty rail crash on a level crossing with 7 dead. England win a few gold medals in the Commonwealth Games, but the New Zealand cricket team open up a lead on first innings with two days to go. The weather ends warm and clear tonight.