Denver Sluice at Jenyns Arms 30 years later

A walk to Hilgay playing field on a mostly dry day with showers and then to moor near Denver Sluice at Jenyns Arms. This as a Lebanese car bomb kills many and injures many more, Russia starts withdrawing from Afghanistan and Sir Geoffrey is visiting Soweto

I took a walk along the moorings and chatted to the Norfolk couple in the adjacent boat again. He had taken an early morning swim in the river and wondered why we had not joined him! Then a walk with the family up to the Hilgay playing field and a welcome opportunity for Della to play on the rocking horse, slide and swings. A visit to the local shops as we walked back to The Lady and we bought a paper and some provisions. No need to buy milk this morning, however, as the local milkman kindly walked along the moorings, with a hand-crate, selling milk to the boaters. This is a very welcome touch, though it can hardly be economic to do so.

Slept well myself, but yet another bad night for Diana – this time with her piles – a very painful condition. Nevertheless, she was back on duty for the morning drinks and then breakfast came in good order. Time to leave the moorings and so we said goodbye to Hilgay and waved a farewell to the Norfolk couple and other boaters as we cruised off. A windy day again, but mostly dry with a few showers. Down to the main river and then right a fair distance until we came to Denver Sluice. We managed to secure a mooring at the Jenyns Arms, at virtually the most downstream position, close to Denver Sluices. A bar lunch in the gardens of the pub. The food was good, but the prices a bit high and Della kept crying, which spoilt the tranquillity somewhat. A nice spot, but I reckon that the sycamore and conifer trees will soon overgrow the gardens by the river. After lunch, a look over the flood bank to find the tidal stretch of the river a bit daunting, then we moved The Lady a way upstream to fill up at the water point. A wait of a full hour whilst a narrow boat filled up its tanks, which was a bit upsetting when we only took ten minutes thereafter. The very long cruise this afternoon up the Ouse, past the Little Ouse outfall, to eventually join the Lark and cruise upstream to moor below the road bridge in Prickwillow. We ignored the weed cutting signs, as the AWA are rather indiscriminate in their use during operations and would have us desert the river entirely. Just in time for a quick shop for provisions in Prickwillow Post Office Stores and then went to the pottery next door to order two pottery house signs for ‘The Hayling View’ and also get a new pottery head and some legs for one of Debbie’s broken dolls. Tea in The Lady and then the evening sitting, reading and helping Debbie to paint the two plaster of paris chess pieces that I had moulded for her during our cruise today. The weather was steadily more showery this evening, but we still managed to have a little walk round and even less fishing. News today of the latest and worst car bombing in the Lebanon, with many dead and widespread damage. Russia have announced the withdrawal of a considerable number of troops from Afghanistan and, although they still have a vast number of active units in the country, this is seen as the beginning of the USSR’s eventual withdrawal from this source of costs and bloodshed. Main news was of a secret and hasty visit of Geoffrey Howe to Soweto, in a probable visit to Winnie Mandela and also of a surprise hospital visit planned for Mrs Thatcher to have an operation to her hand.