Steve Cram wins the 1500 metres easily at the Commonwealth Games

Through The Lower Great use locks after a very wet night and to Waites Quay for swimming at the St Ivo pool and then dinner at The Dolphin after some fishing and dinghy trips as Thatcher still holds out against a cabinet majority for South African sanctions which sees Steve Cram wins the 1500 metres easily at a much depleted Commonwealth Games

A good night’s sleep, in spite of heavy rain and a strong breeze, but Diana ended up with her bunk quite wetted by a leak in the cabin window. An early start to breakfast, as the children were awake early and then I took them out to the riverside swings and slide, having to clean the mud off the slide due to the wet conditions. We enjoyed some of the early sun we were to get today, before un-mooring The Lady and setting off across the remainder of the Old West river.

Locked through Hermitage and was surprised to see the levels almost equal on both sides of the lock. The keeper had still kept the gates closed, however, no doubt to secure her tips! The Brownshill, which was straightforward, but we were disappointed not to be able to get through St Ives lock, even though we arrived by 12.00noon, due to a queue. The keeper failed to let us through by packing the boats in the wrong order – a rear cockpit boat should have been put at the back of the lock because of the low footbridge – and I was upset. He let us through after lunch, but I gave his 50p tip to the children in disgust. We moored at Waites Quay after this and walked through St Ives shopping centre to the supermarket for some provisions. Luckily, although it was supposed to be early closing day, there were still a good number of shops open for the goods that we required. Then a while to relax in the boat before all off to swimming at St Ivo. Daniel and I were a bit reluctant to go swimming, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The walk back and then, as Di got the baby to bed, Daniel & Debbie took out the dinghy for a cruise, as I did some fishing. 7 dace and 2 small bream in my net. Tonight I took Di for a nice meal at the new Dolphin Hotel and enjoyed the prospect. News tonight of the Cabinet discussion on sanctions, with Howe’s mission winning sympathy from his colleagues, but the wholehearted opposition of Thatcher to implementation of general sanctions against S Africa. But talks continue with the US and Japan, but the timescales will not satisfy our Commonwealth nation colleagues during this weekend’s summit. Steve Cram wins the 1500 metres easily at the Commonwealth Games, as Sebastian Coe has to retire with virus problems, and Steve Ovett wins the 5000 metres easily in an English 1-2-3. More rain and wind forecast for the weekend, but tomorrow may be a bit brighter.