July 1986

A good month enjoying our completed house, swimming pool, games lawn, and with the children all developing well as they complete the school year before I take Daniel to Scotland to see my forest and then the whole family take a long and enjoyable cruise on The Lady around the Fens in mixed weather. The news is of continued British economic depression with record unemployment under a government more concerned about inflation and so cancelling even more projects but also with the growing constitutional crisis as Thatcher holds out against all other nations and her cabinet, ignored the advice of HM the Queen and damn near splits up The Commonwealth over her obduracy concerning South Africa and then even tries to get Coal and Steel hatchet man Ian MacGregor wreak his havoc on the NHS. Terrible news as young estate agent Suzy Lamplugh goes missing with no news of her for days. US President Reagan seems to be doing an arms deal with Gorbachev

And so ends the month of July, which started with a heatwave and ended with a cycle of meteorological depressions with wet and windy weather. The final work is finished and bills paid for on the swimming pool and the house and we have been enjoying both to the utmost. We were very lucky to get the weather to baptise the pool and we had most of our friends and neighbours to try it out and we joined them in it almost every day. I am in good health and so is my direct family, with just a little deafness in Daniel but nothing to worry about. Relatives are also in good health, with the sole exception of Diana’s grandmother, who seems to be suffering from an ulcerated stomach, but she is at the grand old age of 86. Dan’s exam results at school were a bit better at the end of his school year, but he still has a way to go; but Debbie continues to do well at school, even though she remains rather temperamental. Della has come on apace and is now speaking freely and behaving as a full member of the family, even though she only celebrated her 2nd birthday this month. They were enjoying the air-conditioning in our new car for outings and we were also playing tennis on our new games lawn as well as using the pool. We sold the remaining holdings of shares in Kode at £2-odd each to find that they have now risen to £2.80 odd, but we are still better off out of it as we have acquired them when Comart was sold and that was two years ago this month. My consultancy retention fees have also now come to an end and my latest retirement is now complete. The latter half of the month has seen us enjoying our longest ever holiday on The Lady