Now Mitterrand will have a right wing Prime Minister at home as well as Thatcher to deal with!

Tired after yesterday, I spent some time this morning spent on our newly-acquired oak furniture until held up for materials and then a family visit, by invitation, to overly-long lunch with Janis Salvadori and her husband, our swimming pool agents, where Nigel and Lynne Smith joined us for an epic session before home to watch Hancock as the French election looks to deliver a narrow centre-right coalition and police and workers clash in South Africa


Slept well, but felt tired on awakening due to my exceptional efforts of yesterday. Took tea in bed and then struggled down to breakfast, scanning a little of the Observer on the way. Decided not to shower and shave until later, so that I could have three hours working on my new carved oak wardrobe. Managed to find the materials and tools as far apart as the two sheds, the boat and my tool cupboard and then satisfactorily rotated the lower frame and glued it into position.

Applied liberal quantities of woodworm killer to the dressing table and found the base and rear plywood linings in a much greater state of attack than I thought. Good to see how the worm seeks out the softwood and ply and is loathed to go anywhere near the carved oak. Still pleased with our purchase and intrigued on its origin. Despite a close search, no makers mark and I am intrigued by the standard and quality of traditional workmanship, whilst having some ply in its construction. Also heavy wear in draw runners etc., seems to date it older than the ply would suggest. A real enigma. Then to get showered, hair washed and shaved and the family ready. My work held up now for materials and had hoped to go to Texas in Biggleswade, but no time. To the Salvadori’s and there started a mammoth visit that was to be for lunch. Janis had prepared a 4/5 course extravaganza that started with king prawns, continued with beef and then to cake, cheese and liquors, but with the children agitating, and the meal extending from 2.30 to 5.30pm, it was quite an effort. Our children were the best, but the others were marauding about, scrapping and generally creating havoc as we ate. Nigel and Lynne Smith and their family were there as well, but I think a simpler and quicker meal would have been better. Just missed the Biggleswade Texas Homecare at 6.02pm and so drove home a little defeated. Dusk on our arrival and so put the ducks away (they had laid 8 eggs this morning) but was too late for the doves, who missed out entirely today. A little more time with my furniture, removing the old polish and applying new and I shall get my needs first thing in the morning. Watched Tony Hancock with Di and Dan and thoroughly enjoyed this old archive black-and-white TV programme. He still has the talent for contracting 30 mins into a much shorter experience whenever I watch him and I cannot get enough. News today is of the French General Election, where a centre-right coalition looks set to win a very narrow one-vote victory. This will be a very difficult parliamentary position and give President Mitterrand plenty of scope for retaining his influence and power. More deaths in South Africa, as police and workers clash at Blyvooruitzicht. No agreement at the OPEC meeting, with the UK budget looming.