March 1986

A miserable month of cold and wet weather and a sad one of tragedies with the assassination of Olof Palme, the shocking Hampton Court fire, loss of a Mexican airliner, Paris bombs killing 29  and a very poor one for my own personal health and that of my family as the Hayling View work nears completion . Thatcher’s dismantling of the UK manufacturing and primary industries continues as unemployment rises and budget, union, health  and welfare reforms hit the poor and underprivileged and local democracy hit as the metropolitan authorities, such as the GLC, are banished. UK and US leaders spurn Soviet arms control offers, still fail to act against South African atrocities and sponsor attacks on Libya but Europe cooperate with Russia on space missions and another UK wedding is to look forward to.

Another month is ended and time seems to fly in many ways, but drags in others. Miserable weather again – not of the sharp frost, but of wind, rain and cool dampness. In many years Easter would be a pleasant time, but this year we are still pinned down indoors with the river high and coloured.  We all have sore throats and coughs at the end of a month where we were all sick and ill at some time or other, with me very seriously ill at one point and Diana struggling to manage our children. She fell ill again I first relapsed with a chest infection and then completely collapsed with another fever and was unable to speak for lung congestion, was very hot with an excruciating headache, and took to bathing my head in cold water for fear of dying from pneumonia on the worse day of illness in my life! It took ages to get  proper medical examination and diagnosis of my ails and two problems being dealt with and a visit to see a specialist was then advised for my urinary tract problems as I am not sure whether certain feelings are real symptoms or misapprehensions. It is disgraceful that it took a month from Doctor’s consultation to even getting an acknowledgement from the Hospital.