May 1986

A cool and windy month with national and international tragedies not preventing our family enjoyment of our first boat trip and new outdoor heated swimming pool as part of a near-completed Hayling View riverside mansion and gardens. This as Margaret Thatcher suffers defeat at local and by-election, relegating the Tories to 3rd in the opinion polls but her harsh economic regime continues to decimate industry and jobs and her intransigence over South Africa becomes an acute embarrassment. Above all this, the true implications of the Chernobyl reactor explosion reveals thousands of human casualties and mass contamination of foodstuffs and property but the US equally resists Soviet talks and nuclear arms limitation plans

And so ends the month of May. Whilst better than that of April, the weather has still been cool and windy, with plenty of showers and we have not had a single hot spell yet. This has not deterred us from using our newly commissioned pool, however, which is now heated to over 81degF and steaming every night. The house is just about finished; although, I have no doubt that the builders will need to keep popping back for rectifications. I have moved my workshop on to higher and more accessible ground and have just about finished fitting it out, applying roof felt and new panes of glass and electrics. I have acquired Bob’s river plot, the last needed to make one integral stretch and to form our Hayling View gardens, and now  there is even more work to do outside and this, with The Lady, the house bits and pieces and paperwork is mounting to become quite a dilemma as to what to do first. Our first boat trip also went very well, with all of the family enjoying it and Daniel saying that it was the best holiday that we have ever had!  We had spent some time preparing and then using The Lady for a good family boat trip, overcoming raging floods and then gales in the process.. Also with all this leisure now available; boat, gardens, pool and the fishing and World Cup starting, it is difficult to get down to any but tending to the property’s daily needs.