News tonight of a tragic Chinook passenger helicopter crash

Getting Pete to prepare the gardens for tomorrow’s bonfire party whilst writing up my history notes as we welcome Charles and Norma for lunch and then listen to news tonight of a tragic Chinook passenger helicopter crash, of Thatcher’s cabinet organising a mini-boom ahead of the election and of Ken Baker threatening to intervene in the teacher’s dispute

An average night and was awoken to my morning tea on a bright and sunny, but cooler, day. Got the Range Rover out for Pete to wash and shampoo and also did some more preparation on the riverside garden for the bonfire party, getting Pete to put down any flat boards and planks that we could find, to save our guests losing their boots in the mud. Then to my office, where I spent time sorting out my desk and writing up a range of notes on my family history. Also completed the typing of a long summary of my researches a couple of years ago in Bermondsey to send to the couple with whom I am cooperating. Also managed to put my Little Paxton history notes together, to complete an effective session. Both of Di’s parents, Charles and Norma, came to visit for lunch today and they played nonstop with the children.

Had to collect Daniel from school early in the afternoon to take him to St Neots for his welfare work – this week he had to deliver a job lot of Oxfam leaflets throughout Eynesbury. A full day in the end at my desk and watched no television news at all. Heard, however, that the main news was of a large Chinook passenger aircraft crashing off of Scotland in the North Sea, with only two survivors found. The Tory Cabinet met this morning and agreed to notable public expenditure increases at last and the opposition accused them of creating a mini-boom prior to the election, which is now expected next year. Much manoeuvrings in the teacher’s dispute, as more disruption takes place in the schools, with Kenneth Baker, as Education Secretary, threatening to intervene and bypass the negotiation process. Rain is forecast for my bonfire part tomorrow, which is a bit depressing. Phone calls today to my solicitors about the Lordship of Linton Manors and we are concerned about establishing the title in these purchases. 

Footnote: The Sumburgh disaster was the crash of a Boeing 234LR Chinook helicopter on 6 November 1986 with a loss of 43 passengers and two crew members. The helicopter was on approach to land at Sumburgh Airport Shetland Islands returning workers from the Brent oilfield. At 2.5 miles (4.0 km) from the runway the helicopter had a catastrophic forward transmission failure which de-synchronised the twin rotors causing the blades to collide. The helicopter crashed into the sea and sank