November 1986

Passing my 40th Birthday and celebrating Bonfire night during a generally wet and windy month but this makes my new project of researching and writing Little Paxton History a more attractive use of time but I also try to spend much of it with the family at home and on trips out and, although Diana struggles, I am pleased to see the children developing. Prime Minister Thatcher continues to pursue her controversial right wing policies with record unemployment leading to another ‘Jarrow March’ and cannot get away with her scandals anymore such as her duplicity over prosecuting an Officer for his MI5 memoirs and this may scupper her plans for an early election. The UK suffers huge financial scandals as a direct result of de-regulation and Europe sees tragic pollution of chemicals and oil after the recent nuclear incidents and the environment is a worry but a greater one is the East/West nuclear threats and the Middle East political tension is rising but Terry Waite brings back one released hostage and with it some hope, despite his concerns. The future of South African apartheid is also an issue

Another month has flashed by. The weather has been generally wet and windy, with some chillier periods, but no really severe frosts yet. Not that it has affected me very much. I have spent most of the month visiting Public Record Offices, Libraries, Norris Museum, St John’s College and The Cambridge Collection, etc., and have tried to find enough time for local, family, and Manorial history whilst still playing my own family and parental role. I am much closer to finding the Little Paxton Manorial holdings now and have also contracted to buy the Lordships of the Manor of Great and Little Linton whilst exploring a grant of arms that might accompany the matter. Overall, my Little Paxton History project is coming along well and I should get most of it researched and written this winter, but it is very hard work, though rewarding. This all made for an enjoyable November. The house is fine and we are using up supplies of logs with open fires on the chillier nights – though more are out there from the land clearance, waiting to be sawn up. This helped support a very  successful bonfire night party with lots of neighbours enjoying our fireworks and huge bonfire.  . The cows are still in the meadow opposite and getting quite fat and I think they will be gone by the end of the month. Still not managed to sign contracts on the sale of No.39 Gordon Road, which is a frustration but my new Range Rover had its first service  and I enjoy driving it.