Millbank Tower; the hub of government influence in the 1980'

Off to London’s Millbank Tower  for a full NEDO Office Equipment EDC meeting,  a good hearing and a valuable lunch afterwards to lead discussions on Trade Association unity as I hear of my own successful TV appearance on ITN news and also of the latest Miners dispute developments where NACODs are back in the fray. Some of the Brinx Mat warehouse gold is recovered but the robbers have fled the country

Awake early again and my morning tea whilst listening to the Today Programme on Radio 4. Up quickly to get washed and dressed, breakfast as usual and then out to feed the doves. I took the opportunity to rinse their utensils and top up their water fountain. Quickly changed and off by car to Huntingdon for the 8.40am train. A relaxed journey, but the 1st class carriages were full and I had to find a seat in the 2nd class section, which is a strange turn of events. To Piccadilly from Kings Cross by tube and a short walk to Savile Row to Huntsmen’s, my tailor. A quick fitting and the result that the suit should at least be finished next week. On by taxi to Millbank and to check in at the NEDO reception desk, Millbank Tower. Up by the fast lifts to the 24th floor and conference room 11. My first meeting of the full NEDO Office Equipment EDC and I meet a whole party of new faces. A good meeting and Chairman, Campbell Christie, and Secretary, Stephen Hoier, who value my contribution and allow a good opportunity for my input.

Discussions on the moratorium on spending, the public procurement initiative and progress on BOTMA, which are all of interest. It seems that this summer will see some reorganisation in the Electronics little Neddies. Buffet lunch afterwards and a chance to lead the party with concern over the future moves on trade association unity. I leave shortly and take a taxi to Kings Cross, but miss my 2.04pm train by two minutes. I phone the office from the Great Northern Hotel and interrogate the answering machine. News from Martin Isherwood that I appeared on the 1.00pm ITN news broadcast in an item about microcomputer industry issues. I manage also to call Mike O’Reagan of Research Machines about tomorrow’s lunch. It seems they wish to enlist my advice on marketing matters, which is fine by me. A pot of tea in the Great Northern Hotel lounge and then to the book stall. I buy interesting magazines on war games and fish keeping, but I do not really intend to widen my interests that far on a serious basis! A slow train journey, dogged by mechanical points faults south of Stevenage. I did not get back to Huntingdon until after 5.00pm and home until 5.15pm. Time to put away the ducks in the dark before in for the 5.45pm ITN news. The item was not repeated, but Daniel had safely recorded the lunch time item. Tea and then snooker and reading before the news. News tonight of deadlock in the coal talks. The Coal Board are still insisting on an advanced written NUM undertaking and the miners will not be thus humiliated. NACODS have re-entered the fray on the basis that the Coal Board have moved ground back on the agreement readied with them last November. A further blow to the NUM today – the Luxembourg £5M has been recovered by the Receiver. A Commons debate will take place on the miners’ strike next Monday. An OPEC agreement today to reduce the price of light crude, but Algeria, Libya and Iran refuse to sign. The £ rises 1 ½ cents and the stock market and interest rates relax. Chancellor Lawson, speaking to members of the newspaper society, claims the financial storm is blowing over. Police are finding more of the 1983 Brinx Mat warehouse gold and now have a £million-worth. The robbers seem to have fled abroad for the most part. More depressing films of the suffering in Ethiopia from inaccessible parts where no rain has fallen for 5 years.