Time this month with Daniel

Sometime sorting out leaks in The Lady after torrential rains and then compiling an industry press statement and some letters before taking Daniel and his friend to see the latest James Bond film as Britons are criticised for not opposing apartheid enough and the UK police clamp down on demonstrators using new draconian powers of arrest

Awake to morning tea and no sign of the paper and so caught up on the rest of this week’s Economist instead. Down to a nice fried breakfast and then back with the paper until 10.00am. Rather annoyed by a procession of both children (with their friends) in and out of my bedroom now that they are all becoming social animals. The morning in The Lady, sorting out the latest leaks in the torrential rain. It seems to be the cracks in the cabin timbers that are causing the trouble this time and so I retrieve the new boat cushions from further damage until I can stop them. Lunch of pork, roasted, and eaten off our best china and silver and then the trouble to wash both carefully afterwards. The afternoon working on my BMMG actions, when I manage to finish the third draft press statement and the first of the two letters to ACT & ICL. The main problem is getting the right names and addresses for all of the promised contacts. Later, as promised, I took Daniel and his friends Gary and Paul to Huntingdon cinema to see the latest James Bond film – ‘Licensed to Kill’ – which we all enjoyed.

We had hamburgers after, before driving home and they had some fun with three giggling girls of the same age before we set off. Too late to work again tonight and so watched the television lethargically and updated my journal. News today of attacks on the homes of Britons in Uganda as the situation deteriorates and, in South Africa, Bishop Tutu expresses his disgust at Britain and the US abstaining on the voluntary sanctions resolution. A police investigation over the publicising of the latest civil unrest in Toxteth, Liverpool, which is contrary to a worrying police policy of suppressing news of them. 56 more arrested at Molesworth today as protesters demonstrate against the latest increased powers of arrest and detention for trespassing on the base. Civil liberties seem to be taking a dive under this Thatcher government and they are losing friends rapidly.