A great day visiting Knotts Berry Farm

A great day visiting Knotts Berry Farm, managing an early start after breakfast at Coco’s and pleased that it had not changed its successful formula, just developed it with more rides.

We were drenched in The Rapids, excited by the Gold Mine and Stagecoach Ride and Debbie was shocked when held up on the old train. Back to the hotel for an early night.

It was another hot day and early start and this time we went to Knotts Berry Farm and Daniel and Angela did not complain at the early start after trying things their own way yesterday! Breakfast at Coco's and we arrived early at Knotts Berry Farm, so that I could buy the tickets and the others could look around the adjacent shops. Good old Knott's had not changed a great deal and was no disappointment to me as I prefer it to Disneyland. In fact, such attractions as they had added were very good and really justify another day there. All day we were riding some scary and some not-so-scary rides as well as watching a host of productions and attractions.

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We started with the ride down the rapids. The overhead waterfalls were switched on and the signs read "you will get wet and you might get drenched" and this was no exaggeration. Poor Daniel and Angela were on the wrong side of the round inflatable and got absolutely soaked and we were thankful that it was such a hot day and it still took ages for us to dry out. We went on the Knott's equivalent of the gold mine ride, which was exciting, on the stagecoach and horses, on the old train where Debbie almost died of shock when the "robbers" held us up. Della loved the children’s rides and we stayed late and even then, she wailed as we left. Once back to the hotel, we had an early night by recent standards after agreeing to divide tomorrow between shopping and recreation.