Wednesday 20th January 1993

Della goes off to school successfully and we book our forthcoming holiday for California today, despite British Airways stubbornness. A shopping trip to Peterborough buying things for Sam and home to catch up on administration for Glisson Printers.

Bill Clinton has taken over from George Bush as United States President and Iraq has announced an unconditional cease-fire and hopes for a better relationship with the new man.

The normal routine this morning when Diana and I were pleased that Della went to school without too much fuss and bother. I saw the gardener for a chat and asked him to creosote the sheds as soon as possible after he had finished raking the games lawn. I shot a wood pigeon and, added to the other that I defrosted from the freezer, this made a pair for me to prepare and cook for tea tonight. Debbie and I enjoyed them greatly.

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Tuesday 19th January 1993

Della's tantrum thwarts Cambridge Trip but I force her to go to school, even though we had to stay at home in case of being called in to collect her. She stayed and came home happily and so we hoped she was over it. We had a day of successful work at The Hayling View on a fine and sunny day anyway.

Russia has now called a meeting of the U.N. Security Council, critical of the U.S. action as being disproportionate and the Arab States complain that Israel's flagrant breach of U.N. resolutions go on unopposed.

The normal morning routine for me as I have breakfast, feed Sam and prepare to take him to the bus stop to see the girls off but the tranquillity is broken by a king-size tantrum of Della's. First she refuses to get up and dressed and then to eat breakfast and finally I have to virtually drag her screaming to the bus stop with Diana having given up. We are at a loss to know what is the matter with her. She says that it is fear of being sick; or of the school lunches but, upon telephoning her teacher later, they do not know what we should do for the best. It seemed cruel to force her to go yet the ordeal would only get worse if she was to stay at home so that the task of facing up to things would appear insuperable.

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Monday 18th January 1993

Della had become nervous of school and school dinners again, claiming nausea at the Prep today, missing some of her lessons by staying in the Kimbolton sanatorium, and so Diana and I spent some time with her this evening.

Sam He was coming on well now and being 18 weeks of age; comes to heel, sits and stays to command, signal and whistle; waits before being waved on at the feed bowl and dummy retrieve, walks on the lead, travels obediently in boat or car and is becoming more settled in the presence of others.

There were more Allied raids on Iraq again today in what appeared to me to be a grossly unfair over-reaction and The Queen and the Prince of Wales are now both missing engagements but their "gastroenteritis" is seen as being a genuine.

Back to a school-day routine for the girls today and it was a shame that Della has become nervous of school and school dinners again. She claimed nausea at the Prep today and missed some of her lessons by staying in the sanatorium which was a worrying development. Diana and I spent some time with her this evening and we hope that she will now be more confident for tomorrow. I was up early by Diana's call to tend Sam this morning and then also gave him two more good runs and training sessions later. He is coming on well now at the end of his eighth week in my care and is now 18 weeks of age.

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Sunday 17th January 1993

Many training sessions and log walks for Sam this morning and time to practice my air rifle shooting as well. A more relaxing afternoon reading yet another book about gundog training and then an evening watching TV and updating my journal for yesterday and today.

The papers published a transcript of a private conversation between The Prince of Wales and a mistress today in the latest outrageous breech of privacy and now the government must legislate.

Diana woke me up at 7.30am after a late night but I was still able to shower and get dressed and ready before the dog woke up at 8.15am. I took Sam on several long walks today and gave him some more obedience lessons - this time on sitting on command at a distance and also on not "nibbling" hands and gloves when offered. It was an altogether milder day and the wind had dropped and, after breakfast and doing the chores, I got out my hunting air rifle and shot starlings and sparrows out of the oak tree and hawthorn bushes in my riverside garden.

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