Thursday 6th September 1990

After a refreshing bath and a couple of hours work on the shed supports, I collected Dad’s trophy from Harlequin in Norwich and drove on to Stanton, planning to cut Mum’s hedge. Unfortunately, she had trouble with her car battery and it took several hours to purchase and fit replacement.

Home in time for a late tea and chat with the family and then shaved and changed so as to go straight out to a meeting of the Little Paxton Parish Council, where I fielded some criticism of my recent FOCUS newsletter. Home quite late and tired to bed after a lot of exertion and a late night. It was noticeably cooler again today and that the glorious summer seemed to have come to an end at last.

I was up early again, after a fitful night, and then I treated myself to a nice large Heronshaw bath before getting going on the work at 8am. I was able to spend a couple of hours adding to the shed supports and then had to pack up as the weather was fine in Stanton to help my mother. Once all was away and Heronshaw was ‘put back to sleep ‘, I drove into Norwich and eventually found Harlequin without a map and arrived in time to catch Angie, the manageress, and collect the trophy. It had come out quite well and will be a very good memorial item. I drove on to Mum, stopping off for a McDonald’s hamburger on the way.

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Wednesday 5th September 1990

Up early to do my Heronshaw chores and see how happily Debbie left for Kimbolton’s main school after starting there on Monday. A long task loading the Range Rover with tools and domestic belongings before leaving for Norfolk and arriving at Heronshaw around 11am to face an equally long task unloading everything after buying materials for renovating the old garage.

After meeting Jack Edwards at the Black Swan, who had drilled my extension plates, I worked until late cutting away rotted uprights from the old garage and bolting on new pieces of timber until late reading and writing before settling down at 11pm in my sleeping bag. Today was much cooler than of late, with temperatures of 8 to 10°C overnight, as autumn seemed to be upon us. 

I was up quite early this morning and so poor Della was too late when she came to see me in bed. My normal routine before breakfast, tending the doves, fish, plants, flower baskets and filters for the pond and pool. The post came and I read it and then looked out of the window and noted how happily Debbie left for school today. She started at the Kimbolton main school this Monday and goes off to catch the bus each day, stopping outside the Law’s house on the way to wave to them! I had a fair job to do loading up the Range Rover with not only the tools and other things than I needed for the coming working section at Heronshaw, but also a job lot of domestic belongings turned out of The Hailing View to store there. I eventually left at 9am (much later than planned) but still managed to arrive at Heronshaw by about 11am.

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Tuesday 4th September 1990

The night started warm and ended up quite chilly, after which I did some chores as Di got Della off to school and we then took the rest of the family to see her parents in Cambridge. This afternoon Lisa Drake and her father came round to discuss Sundance and then I attended a district council meeting. Tonight, I planned a visit to Heronshaw in Horning as the road is to be renovated the following week and I wanted to work on the garage and collect Dad’s trophy.

A convoy of women and children has arrived in Baghdad from Kuwait heading for Jordan but they worry about their fate and leaving their husbands and fathers behind; as Opposition Leader Kinnock tries to keep Thatcher working with the United Nations rather than the USA

It was a different night – first warm and then much cooler towards morning until I ended up feeling quite chilly when I was awoken with my morning tea. I got quickly showered and shaved and then spent an hour before and after breakfast tending my plants and fish before doing some more correspondence. Di got Della off to school this morning, but she was a bit apprehensive about meeting her new teacher, Mrs Cotton. In the end, her friend Naomi took her by the hand, and she made it. I got quite a bit done but then it was time to go to Cambridge. The entire family (apart from Della) was going and, with Daniel soon going off to Norwich, I decided that I should make the most of these opportunities. First there was several deliveries to make around St Neots. There was correspondence for my council colleagues, notifications to the job centre about a gardener, letters to be posted and a package of six books to deliver to Martin McCall of St Neots.

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Monday 3rd September 1990

Enjoying a bath, hair wash after morning tea in bed with the sun slanting in across the bedroom on a day that started warm but was much cooler and ended raining later. The routine of tending the conservatory plants and fish before watering the garden plants and games lawn.

Mum was brought from Stanton by Clive and Kate for a meeting with the monumental mason to agree Dad’s gravestone form and inscriptions after which Di and I resumed work on a backlog of domestic chores and administration.

Arrangements are in place for a convoy of foreigners to leave Kuwait for Baghdad and on to Jordan and the TUC passes a series of resolutions in support of the new Labour Party policies for trade union law

I slept very well last night and awoke to the dual pleasures of my morning tea and. I decided on a bath for once and made my way across to the other side of the house and washed my hair at the same time. I still had a little time before the others were ready for breakfast and so tended the fish and watered the plants in the conservatory and then started to brush the pool when breakfast was ready. I worked outside afterwards but had finished in the garden by about 9am, watering the plants and applying the sprinkler to the games lawn. I had a chance to tackle my postbag and to do some correspondence and then arranged for a monumental mason to come in the afternoon at the same time as my mother would be visiting to discuss Dad’s gravestone.

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