Sunday 10th January 1993

An early start sorting out books on gundogs and taking copies as needed for training German Shorthaired Pointers Then travelling back to Norfolk after a lunch of roast beef in the pouring rain and howling wind which was not easy but a relaxing bath on arrival. Sam was very excited to be back and slipped back easily into the routine.

It was wild, windy and quite wet for most of the day. I awoke at 7.00am without setting the alarm/radio and then got myself showered and dressed ready for Sam at 8.00am who also stirred exactly on time! Some work on my gundog books first thing, sorting out those books that needed to go back to Norfolk library and taking photo-copies of any sections that were of particular interest with regards to German Shorthaired Pointers. Then time to pack most of my things before lunch. Diana had prepared a nice piece of roast beef, but I shall have to help her carve it next time as it was served in blocks!

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Saturday 9th January 1993

More time with Sam on a windy and damp day then concentrating on my financial affairs until taking the family for a Little Chef lunch. Resting watching Tv sport this afternoon and researching gundog and breed clubs.

The U.S. and Iraq stepped back from armed confrontation despite an ultimatum and so Saddam Hussein lives to fight another day.

Another day flies by and I wished that I could achieve more with the time. Sam was quite good today and had his first experience of water as he slipped into the river whilst leaping about! He seemed none the worse and quite enjoyed it. I finished archiving my journal for 1992 and so was able to concentrate on my financial affairs for the morning until it was time to take Diana and Della for lunch at The Little Chef. Debbie was to have taken part in the school netball trials but could not face the rain and wind.

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Friday 8th January 1993

A milder day between morning and evening frosts with a full moon which I spent summarising and archiving my journal as Daniel returned to Norfolk and I carried on training Sam.

I spent almost the entire day on archiving last year's journal; producing the annual summary and the printing out the formatted results. Between times I looked after Sam, wished Daniel farewell as he went back to Norfolk and did very little else. Sam is quite good but his lessons need constant re-enforcement if he is not to forget them. I took him across to the Mill Meadow this lunchtime and he enjoyed the scents and sights there. Diana went out shopping twice today and was also behind on her work after Christmas. A milder day between morning and evening frosts as the full moon came up at night.

Thursday 7th January 1993

Another good session with Sam on a mild but damp and dreary day as Di went to her Weight-Watchers this morning. Then a family visit to the dentists and Della will have to have an X-Ray and treatment for prominent front and uneven lower teeth and is not looking forward to wearing a brace.

To the cinema with Diana to see the film "Death Becomes Her" and home to find the girls in bed, having settled down well at school these last two days. Britain, France and the U.S. have given another ultimatum to Iraq, which could lead to another Gulf War.

I was finding it very difficult to get back to paperwork after the manual building work and then the Christmas break but I tried to do a little each day. A good session with Sam who is behaving better and endearing himself to Daniel as well now. Diana was at her Weight-Watchers this morning. She had got down to 11st 7lbs before Christmas but probably put on weight over the holiday. I took the family to the dentists this afternoon. Diana needed de-scaling as usual, Daniel had to have a filling on the spot but an all-clear for me and better news for Debbie. She can now remove her brace during the day and only needs to wear it at night. Poor Della will have to have an X-Ray at Bedford in about a year's time and will need plenty of treatment for prominent front and uneven lower teeth and is not looking forward to wearing a brace.

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