Wednesday 13th February 1991

Driving back to Norfolk with Daniel and collecting Steven Bloom on the way to drop Dan off and then find Heronshaw with frozen pipes and flooding but Paxton Princess okay.

The day rectifying the mayhem and then an architect meeting before a welcome dinner out at The Bridge Restaurant. Mr Lincoln was felling our boundary tress formerly screening us from his boatyard.

I had planned to spend some time working at Heronshaw and then be joined by Diana and the girls and so I was up early today. Daniel was also joining me. As Daniel was without the use of his car, I was taking him back to the UEA in Norwich. We loaded up the Range Rover together and collected Steven Bloom from Gransden on the way who had offered to help me for a couple of days. The weather was atrocious with further falls of snow to make road conditions even more difficult so that I was again thankful to have the Range Rover which was man enough to cope with it. We left at about 8,00am and then, after stopping for coffee, ended up dropping Daniel off at about 10.30am at University Plain which was quite good going considering.

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Tuesday 12th February 1991

At home this morning on another snowy and icy day, I received my new electronic charts and spent most of the day on my computer navigation tool, breaking off at midday to see Roger Brittain to discuss my tax affairs.

Daniel arrived later and we enjoyed his company after we took his car to DAB autos to get it fixed and he enjoyed playing with my new laptop computer.

I chaired a joint Parish Council/Village Hall Committee meeting this evening and we agreed an outline design for expanding the hall.

The day started with much snow still on the ground and with an ice topping from the re-frozen melt of yesterday. School-girls on the way to St Neots were slipping and sliding down the slope to the Hayling Way. I was up early and got ready in good time for breakfast with the girls and then waited in the lounge reading this morning's newspapers until the postman arrived with the mail. I was pleased to find the new electronic charts and loaded these on to the computer. I spent most of the morning and the afternoon using the navigation planning tool, but broke off for a midday meeting with Roger Brittain to discuss my tax affairs.

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Monday 11th February 1991

To update yesterday's journal and get some paperwork done as Debbie and Della get off to school and Daniel reports a £1,200 estimate for his car repair. My work on the LibDem FOCUS has to wait but I visit Robin Martlew in the evening to review his forthcoming May South Cambridgeshire District Council election campaign. Another Iraqi Scud missile attack on Tel Aviv which sounds like a direct hit with much damage and casualties.

A bit if a lay-in this morning after the late night, but I did not feel too bad. I searched around the house and eventually found some anti-dandruff shampoo and used it before completing my shower and getting down late to eat breakfast on my own. Debbie and Della were off to school and, after reading the papers and post, I settled down at my desk to update yesterday's journal and get some paperwork done. During the day, I managed to reconcile and update my financial affairs and then undertake a range of correspondence to get it out of the way. This left the work needed on my political activities and, although I managed to do some, I have the major task left of starting the layout of FOCUS for the forthcoming March issue and the enclosed advertising sheet.

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Sunday 10th February 1991

As Di and I start our diets, the snow means no riding for Debbie who plays with Della in the snow for a short while. The day for me spent on electronic navigation around the East Anglian coast with PC Wayplanner for which I also bought new charts and a current Almanac from L H Jones. More US air attacks are deemed necessary before a Gulf land offensive.

With the snow on the ground and just about everything cancelled, we had a nice lay in before tackling a fine fried breakfast. Despite this offering, Diana is determined to make me slimmer and remove this gross "tummy" that is hindering movement at the moment. I am struggling to get back below 14 stone but am pleased that she is applying the same rigours to her own weight and figure which means better health for her as well. No horse-riding for Debbie and so she was out with Della playing in the snow with sleds; but that did not last long as it is still bitterly cold.

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