Tuesday 5th February 1991

The day started with a concerted effort for two builders to re-model our house hall/utility area and they made good progress and then, after Di had gone to Cambridge, I prepared the information for Percy’s membership drive and then drove to Huntingdon and achieved good progress on the HDC Policy Committee.

The Gulf War bombardments are excessive and cutting off Iraq’s force in Kuwait. The possibility of Pegasus taking over On-Site Training has receded and with it my £30,000 investment.

The builders started work on our hall/utility area today and we had prepared the area for them to get down to work. I had moved the fire break-glass alarm out of the way and Diana had emptied the broom cupboard etc. They did quite well, really. We have essentially a two-man decorating partnership on the job who are flexible enough to do the bits and pieces as well. They demolished and removed the broom cupboard and the old tiles from the boiler position; cut back, keyed in, and then built up a new dividing block wall, ready for the fitting of a new door carcass, and fitted a new tumble-drier vent to take the hose when this machine is re-sited.

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Monday 4th February 1991

Organization and Administration after a late night and early morning planning Sue Sutton’s election campaign and then some time clearing garden leaves and moving my hall fire alarm detector before my journal and to bed

Another late night and then a short one so as to be reluctant to wake up this morning. My chores, some reading, and then I finished off the process of getting my press cuttings right up to date. I then cleared up my office and prepared some information which I then faxed to Sue Sutton at Glisson Road. I spoke to her at length on the telephone and we organised our plans for the forthcoming campaign period.

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Sunday 3rd Febuary 1991

A more relaxing day, sleeping in and updating my journal and notes of the previous day’s meetings after a nice friend breakfast. Some afternoon televised sport and Antiques Sho before hearing news of the US loss in the Gulf of a B52 bomber and helicopter

Slow to retire last night and even slower to rise this morning and so I had breakfast in my dressing gown again. A nice fried meal which I enjoyed before getting showered and dressed and then updating yesterday's journal before coffee in the lounge with Diana. I then spent the rest of the time before lunch writing up the notes from yesterday's meeting which looked quite productive on paper even if it was a bit frustrating at the time. A nice lunch of roast beef and then a relaxing afternoon watching televised sport. First Football and then Rugby Union. I also enjoyed "The Antiques Roadshow" whilst having tea in the lounge, The programme was coming from St Ives this time and it was nice to see the place on television and enjoy watching local people's precious possessions being examined and valued by experts.

The Gulf News is of the US losing a B52 bomber and another helicopter and also confirming rumours that a number of their previous marine casualties were due to "own goal" hits from so-called "friendly" aircraft.

Saturday 2nd February 1991

Preparing for chairing this afternoon for a meeting at Glisson Road which I ran on time to plan for party's campaigns for the next fifteen months prior to the next election. This evening to take Debbie over to Hail Weston House for Kate's birthday swimming party and I stayed a while to chat to Nigel and Lynne.

The Gulf War news is of the Alliance talking about not being ready yet for a land offensive but just pounding the Iraqi defensive lines with millions of tons of bombs and eradicating any remaining vestiges of the Iraqi navy.

I actually got to bed soon after 10.00pm last night and found Diana in a receptive mood for once. Slept well and was not so tired this morning but I still got up a bit late. The morning was occupied with my preparations for this afternoon's strategy meeting which set out to plan our. I wrote another letter to the political strategists, enclosing information to hand to them at the meeting and also telephoned a number of people who were coming to make sure that they were also preparing information to make the event useful. The morning had soon gone, and I had an early lunch and then rushed out. Collecting Marion Woodbridge and Percy Meyer on the way, I had arranged to leave early so in case there were any traffic problems, and it was just as well I did.

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