Tuesday 28th August 1990

A later start on another warm day after a cooler morning after which we cruised upstream with the flood tide across Breydon Water and under the Bure bridges to arrive at Stokesby for lunch at The Ferry Inn. Then back to Horning with Helen Cranston taking the helm where we met her family for some refreshment in the shade of the balcony before they left.

Relaxing with the ship’s log this evening and de-commissioning the Paxton Princess, taking off her burgees, ensign, fenders, ropes as Di packed for home after a splendid time cruising. Iraq declares Kuwait as its 19th province and Saddam suddenly announces in another TV interview that foreign women and children will be free to leave Kuwait and Iraq. 

 I was still asleep as Di got the morning drinks on. It was another warm day and we missed most of the cooler morning by being slow to get going. This did not matter as I was timing our cruise upstream to coincide with the flood tide to save fuel. We shopped for bread and things at the adjacent shop and then took off across Breydon Water at 10.00am. By listening to Channel 12 and calling, I was able to establish from the bridge-master that we had clearance without taking down our mast which was good use of the radio. There was no sign of the sea-lion this time and it must have left or been caught and taken away. We went under the Bure bridges in Yarmouth where we did have to take the mast down and we were reminded just how busy these waterways were by the sheer volume of boat traffic crossing under the bridges in a continuous stream.

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Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 1990

Enjoying our quiet mud-weight mooring in Oulton Broad fishing and then by Jolly to the quay and on by taxi to Lowestoft for a typical seaside day, as the family enjoyed the beach, "Punch and Judy" at children’s corner and all and me a couple of plates of fresh seafood.

After a sunny start, a sea mist rolled in and it became quite chilly with the breeze and so we returned for the Oulton Broad Gala Day as the girls swam in the old-fashioned outdoor pool and then to cast off for the long cruise through Somerleyton, St Olaves and on to Burgh Castle for the night marvelling at the Roman ruins. France and Britain reject negotiations with Iraq unless it withdraws from Kuwait. 

We had a lovely quiet night at our mud-weight mooring in Oulton Broad and then I got up early on to continue my fishing. I had caught a couple of nice roach last night and I had my first bream of the holiday this morning. After breakfast, the Jolly took us safely ashore where we moored on a congested quay. The entire area was very busy indeed. Once we were ashore, we went straight on to Lowestoft by taxi and had our morning drinks before settling the family on the beach. I got the deck-chairs and wind-breaks and then walked the girls along to the 11.30am performance of "Punch and Judy" at children’s corner. Whilst they were there, a TV camera was taking pictures and then later on this evening, the girls were on TV as the news was showing the Bank Holiday crowds at the seaside enjoying typical seaside entertainment! I passed some time by having a couple of plates of fresh seafood and chatted to the stall-holder who had a Mitsubishi transportable telephone like mine.

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Sunday 26th August 1990

Cruising from Beccles Yacht Station to Burgh St Peter for lunch at The Waveney Inn and then on to moor with a mud weight on a quiet part of Oulton Broad. I did some fishing and the family watched a video. Daniel called to say that he had been working at "The Jolly Abbot" in Abbotsley with his friend Steve and earned £14.50 plus tips! The Iraqi Foreign Minister agrees to meet UN Secretary General at end of the month in Jordon and Iran opens its borders to refugees. 

I was awake at 7.00am on as the other boats started to move. Di managed to get to the yacht station laundry first this morning and we had breakfast whilst it was in the machine. The day started cool and dull but soon started hotting up later. Once we were ready, we cruised on to Burgh St Peter (The Waveney Inn) and just about managed to moor up and have our Sunday lunch at the Waveney Inn. We all had the roast which was good, but the meals were very expensive. I joined the family for a swim and hair wash afterwards, but Debbie was a bit weepy and did not like being teased.

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Saturday 25th August 1990

From Great Yarmouth to Beccles to moor by the swimming pool pontoons after a noisy and unsettled night but the girls had slept well, and Helen was enjoying her stay on the boat and being useful. Daniel telephoned us today and reported that all was well at home. United Nations endorses the use of force if necessary, to carry out a naval blockade against Iraq.

I had an unsettled night as there was a lot of harbour noise and waves and I had not done a very good job of mooring the boat so that the gunwales were banging on the quay until I re-positioned the fenders in the early hours and got some sleep. Della was in with us at 7.00am and eventually Diana got up to make the morning drinks. The girls had settled much better in their beds last night and had worked out how to sleep together without problems. We had some discussion about going around the coast via Wells again but the tide was all wrong and we had the Jolly in tow which would have got in the way. We therefore set off inland as originally planned and had the first of the flood tide at 9.00am.

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