Saturday 2nd January 1993

Taking Della back home to Paxton as I counted the lost items in the aftermath of my car theft. Evidently, Della had been comforted overnight by my snoring and then had done well clearing away the breakfast things and packing.

Our journey was slowed down by the icy roads and freezing fog, but we made it home safely. Di took Debbie and her friend Tabatha ice skating as I tended Sam and Della chilled out. Reading up on rifle shooting and updating my journal before quite tired to bed.

By this morning I had totalled four things that had been lost in my car theft. Apart from the two electric drills, there was my jig-saw and also my pair of Barbour hunter boots in size 11 which could mean some quite large car thieves were responsible! I eventually reported all this later by telephone to the Norfolk police once I had returned home as the car telephone was not suitable. I was a wake early, fed and walked the dog and had then finished some of the loading and packing before Della woke up. She had slept well and had been comforted by something unusual. This was the fact agreed amongst the rest of the family that I snore at night.

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Friday 1st January 1993

Managing Sam successfully as Di shops in Norwich and the girls had fun in the new roller skating rink off Vulcan Road. , Later on Di took Debbie and most of the things back to Paxton but Della stayed another night with me to go back in the morning.

When Della and I watched the film "Sister Act" in the Norwich Odeon Cinema, we suffered a car break in as a start to 1993. The weather became a little milder today but was cold again with a frost this evening.

A better night as I recouped some sleep and then stole another half hour's lay in by not setting the alarm radio. Sam managed his best night yet by not waking until just before 8.00am and so this all worked out. The long walk into Horning again and there bought a newspaper with Sam at heel. He is getting quite used to people and the shop but today had to contend with both at the same time and the owner's own dog behind the counter as well! After the chores were complete, I took Diana shopping in the Norwich sales and bought some things whilst the girls had fun in the new roller-skating rink off Vulcan Road. We bought some more crockery for the kitchen, Diana's belated present of a new telephone and a couple of pairs of new jeans for me.

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