Friday 5th February 1993

Despite an unsettled night, Della survived her school test and nerves as Di took off to Bedford and I stayed at home just in case. Nigel came over late to see me and forgot the things ge needed signed and Della arrived back with Katie Hitchen having survived her day.

A poor evening with Di, having to walk out of watching the film ‘Reservoir Dogs’ as being too violent. The weather has turned cold again, and the local authority gritting lorries were out in force in the expectation of a severe frost.

I was involved in several things today, but proceedings were dominated by Della's antics over a school exam on the E.E.C. She was even later to bed than usual last night and then hardly slept so that, by this morning, she was all washed up and refusing even to have breakfast. I managed to bring her round, coaxing her to eat and then walking Sam with her and Debbie to the bus stop and feared the worst. Diana was off shopping to Bedford but I stayed in, apart from walking the dog, so as to be available in case we got the dreaded call from the school but she managed.

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Thursday 4th February 1993

After walking Sam around Little Paxton Gravel Pits and noting the re-routing of footpaths, into St Neots for a meeting with my Trustees and Professional Advisers; agreeing measures to invest further in my children’s’ trusts and into a large property portfolio.

Then meeting up with Steve Bloom who joined me for a dummy retrieving session with Sam on Mill Meadow. I called Nigel this evening to discuss investments and then an old farming friend, Jack Taylor of Warboys, about the chances of getting permission to shoot some wood pigeons

The normal morning routine, managing to get to the bus stop with Sam again and then to take him around the gravel pits. By taking a new route, I realised how the new management plan (for its use as a nature reserve) had re-routed the footpaths so that the path I always used to take on a favourite walk had been blocked off. Home in time to get ready for my meeting and there to load up a deal of files and information that I would need. I was early to the Whitmarsh Sterland offices and we started our meeting pretty much on time yet still had difficulty in getting finished in time for me to be back for Steven.

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Wednesday 3rd February 1993

On a chillier day after milder weather, walking Sam to the school bus stop with the girls and then around the gravel pits. After most of the day working on my income tax affairs for the year ending April 1992, and typing up an analysis of the planning condition dilemma over Heronshaw, I got Di to join Sam and I for the walk across the Common to the river on the far side.

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Tuesday 2nd February 1993

A trip to Cambridge with Di for coffee and lunch with her parents after taking Sam on a long deer hunt this morning. and then an afternoon tour in vain seeking some replacement binoculars for those stolen from my car. A similar search to find some boots large enough. Later, A session cheering Debbie up as she was getting depressed over her piano practise

I joined Diana for a trip to Cambridge this morning but unfortunately delayed her by first taking the dog for a long walk so that he would be settled but then by being held up by Bill Medlock who was complaining about not being able to get the cement mixer going. He seems to want to bring all of the problems to me but I employ him to save me time not give me work. During my dog walk, I tracked the muntjac as making visits to the allotment rubbish dump and then back over some ditches towards the pits. Made good time in the car on the way and so did not get there too late, arriving at 10.15am in time to see Di's parents for coffee at Eadon Lilley's.

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