Monday 25th February 1991

It was another mild day which was just as well as the heating was off for most of it as the electrician worked. I worked on my tax affairs and investments for most of the time as well as hosting Sally and then took the family for a Little Chef evening meal.

The Allied land war is said to be going very well but an Iraqi Scud missile hit a US forces billet, killing 27 soldiers and injuring nearly 100. The Court of Appeal today decided that the evidence against the famed "Birmingham Six" was unsafe and unsound.

We were expecting the electrician to have the power off for most of the working day and so Diana had planned to go out this morning to avoid the disruption. I wanted to go as well but she said she was very busy and wanted to get on. I was a little late up and Debbie was just going off to school as I came down to breakfast. Settled into my office and set about my computer work until I was disrupted. In the end it was well into the afternoon before the power had to go off in my half of the house and I then went over to Nigel's to collect my copy of the "Word" software package and stayed for a coffee and a long chat.

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Sunday 24th February 1991

The Gulf Land War lad offensive begins as the UN Security Council talks are abandoned. The Allies advanced across Southern Iraq to encircle Kuwait and meet up with marine forces around Kuwait City. My day was spent on the computer starting to update my financial income and investment summaries

The very late night left me feeling very tired this morning, but I was up and dressed for the traditional fried breakfast. I was also depressed as well as tired because the Allied land offensive had began as I went to bed last night. A United Nations meeting of the Security Council to try and reconcile the US and Soviet positions was abandoned after quarter of an hour when told that the land offensive had begun and then a complete news black-out followed as the Allies advanced across Southern Iraq to encircle Kuwait and meet up with marine forces around Kuwait City. This was really to hide the nastier side of the war as the tactics are well known.

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Saturday 23rd February 1991

On an even was even milder and windier day I was distracted by news of the Gulf War ultimatum, I made some progress with my In-tray this morning but just I just watched a range of TV sport in the afternoon. During the day, I had visits from Michael, Percy and Derek who brought the latest advertisements for our FCUS newsletter. The Iraqis have set around 150 oil wells on fire to provide smoke for ground cover.

The unsettling existence of the Gulf War ultimatum rather put me off of tackling the range of jobs I had to do today. This morning was not too bad, as I worked my way further through my "In-tray"; but this afternoon, I just watched a range of TV sport in the form of European Nations indoor hockey and Rugby League. I continued the pattern this evening with boxing as the main sport but I did catch up with the reading of this last couple of weeks' financial and local newspapers. I shortly had to organise my tax affairs for the end of the financial year and needed to know what has been happening to be able to make well-balanced decisions. The same considerations apply to the local papers as I prepare a very critical FOCUS for distribution in the run-up to the local elections.

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Friday 22nd February 1991

A milder day, with all traces of snow disappearing as a strong wind and showers developed from the south-west. Booking our US holiday flights and working at home with Pat and Percy on LibDem FOCUS copy as the US Gulf Ultimatum expires

To bed quite early last night but still a little tired this morning. I also retained that stiffness in my back (as I try to sit up first thing in bed each day) in sufferance for my exertions this last week. To breakfast after Debbie had gone to school, but Della was still here as she completed her week's half-term school holiday. I settled down to sort the rubbish from my desk and then made and received a number of telephone calls with my colleagues about local political activity and publicity.  Then I settled down with Diana to make some telephone calls about booking our US holiday during which we compared prices on the various methods of going and staying. The effect of the Gulf War and the recession has curtailed travel plans and now the airlines are beginning to offer special deals. For North-West Airlines, for example, the return flight costs would be £1424 rather than the £3082 for British Airways. In the end, however, we opted to fly British Airways on a direct route to avoid the delays of stopping off elsewhere and also to allay the security concerns of Diana and Angela's family.

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