July 1992

Much of this month was a working holiday in Horning, supervising the construction of my new Harnser boathouse but I also found time to enjoy boating and other holiday pursuits with my family. I was now the chairman of the RHDRA residents AGM and we agreed a comprehensive plan for upgrading and maintaining the access road.

The weather varied from starting drizzly to turning hot and humid followed with a huge thunderstorm but was mainly overnight and at weekends so did not stop the building work and much of the timber framework was completed. I still had to find time to return to The Hayling View to deal with overdue administration and got back for Della’s 8th birthday and school prize-giving as a joyous landmark after her recovery from a life-threatening accident. Debbie was enjoying sailing and using her new electronics building set to catch up with the boys at science.

Our boating and leisure took us to Great Yarmouth and Winterton for the seaside, twice to Pleasurewood Hills for entertainment and then shopping, reading and watching theatrical and cinematic productions in Norwich, Yarmouth and Stalham and the odd visit to Potter Heigham, South Walsham and Ranworth. When at Horning, the family enjoyed. The Old Tea Shoppe in Horning, re-visited The Norska Centre and went twice to Wroxham Barns.

Daniel would join us for visits and have his scrambled eggs at the same place. Diana and I also had splendid meals at The Swan, Hotel Wroxham and Mr Chan's Chinese Restaurant where we were to become regular customers. Daniel and Angela had made our home at Paxton their love-nest for each weekend.

Elsewhere, the 25th Olympic Games opened in Barcelona, Spain and sporting records were tumbling. An Around World Air Race began in Paris but this month continued with more air fatalities as a Vickers Viscount crashed, 70 dying and then a Thai Airbus crashed into the mountain at Kathmandu, with 113 more deaths; but US Space Shuttle STS 50 (Columbia 13) landed safely.

In South Africa, a tripartite mass action plan against apartheid was being organised for August and Iraq was indulging in brinkmanship with the U.S. and U.N. over inspection of government offices.

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