Thursday 28th November 1991

A better day as Della gets out on her wheelchair, Di and I visit St Neots for a Christmas shopping trip, I get back to Council and LibDem business and we try restarting our routine.

The police returned and got Debbie to give a statement about Della's accident, but they are unlikely to pursue criminal prosecutions. Good meetings and some time with Derek Giles in the evening

I had stayed up even later than usual last night and consumed too many walnuts and too much sherry in the process. Della was slower to get to sleep than in recent days, having got rather too excited (I think) over her extra mobility as she gets used to her plaster. She also slept in so that her nurse had to get her washed and dressed after breakfast. I drove Diana to St Neots and we did a whole host of chores that had been building up including getting a dozen books to Martin McColls and hand-delivering a number of things.

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Wednesday 27th November 1991

As Diana’s sickness improved and Della became more comfortable playing balloons and generally expending some energy after weeks of restraint, she was not very keen being interviewed by the police but was well tended by nurse Howard.

I tried progressing Nigel's idea for fostering grouse-shooting at Thormaid today but it may be that the recession is biting so hard that it would be difficult to get the guns together, but we shall see.

After a slightly late night, I slept very well and so, it seems, did the rest of the family. Debbie had been sick a couple of times late last night and Diana had improved and today they were both recovering. We decided to let Debbie stay at home in bed and that was welcome news as she would have had a biology exam today! Nurse Howard arrived on time and spent her second morning with Della only this time she managed to meet Diana who was up and about today.

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Tuesday 26th November 1991

Nurse Michelle Howard arrives and is a godsend to look after Della as first Diana and then Debbie fall ill with a tummy bug and I manage the household to keep them apart from Della as we could do without that complication as she already struggles to use a bedpan

I was woken by Debbie this morning who brought news that Diana had fallen ill overnight with sickness and diarrhoea which she thought was gastro-enteritis that she had caught from the young children of Holly Ward. I got showered and dressed and then saw Debbie off to school before settling down to my breakfast. I got her to take a letter in to the Prep to say that Della was home. Della had just woken up and was in a bit of a bad mood and did not want to join me until I had finished but then she perked up and I helped her use the bed pan before she got into the wheelchair so that I could take her through to the kitchen for something to eat.

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Monday 25th November 1991

Della comes home from hospital after a fuss over the loan of a wheelchair and she settles in and we stopped at the Happy Eater at Croxton and had a late lunch, and we were pleased to see Della eating well again.

Della’s moods change from complete happiness and serenity at best to black depression at times, but she ended up playing well with Debbie. Diana was very tired and went to bed whilst I sat up reading in the lounge until Della had gone to sleep.

We approached today with a great deal of trepidation and with little indication of what to expect. Diana was first up and made morning drinks for Debbie and I and then I got ready as I had to give Debbie a lift to the bus stop as Di had gone to the hospital. Although Della was upset last night at being left by Diana, she had slept well and was quite happy this morning. I completed some small aspects of work and then made my own way to the hospital, meeting the duo in the cafeteria before I went for my own appointment to the "fitting area" for the technician to take some measurements for making surgical insoles.

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