The Broad Family Video Collection
The Broad Family Video Collection

 Broad Family Videos 1985

By 1985, the technology of hand-held video recorders had improved markedly and so the quantity and quality of films available escalated.

Here are some videos, still unedited  of my family life in 1985. Some are of birthday events and outings and large section detail the 'Creation of The Hayling View'; an edifice I created by buying two adjacent riverside houses (Nos 6 & 7 Willow Close, Little Paxton) which, together with a group of leisure plots I also acquired, was formed into a 6-bedroom mini-mansion with swimming pool, inside conservatory Koi Carp pool and riverside full-sized games lawn for tennis, bowls and croquet. 

I was in the initial throws of investing some of the money that I had raised from the disposal of my Comart Group of microcomputer companies to Kode International PLC and I was completing the voluntary year I had dedicated to Directing the trade association I had previously founded by bringing together the Managing Directors of the 25 or so British owned and controlled firms, The British Computer Manufacturers' Group. 

By this time the family had become used to being filmed and were both accepting the camera on the one hand and behaving normally on the other...

Spring 1985

Mid 1985

Late 1985

Creation of The Hayling View