The Broad Family Video Collection
The Broad Family Video Collection

 Broad Family Videos Late 1985

As the summer comes to an end in late August, we feature a seaside family holiday in Mundesley, taking in The Norfolk Broads, Cromer, Horsey and Great Yarmouth and then visit my Mum and Dad, Grace and Fred Broad, in their mobile home in Shepherd's Grove Park in Stanton on the way back. 

We also meet my old Shefford neighbour and friend Sam Weller at Cromer Carnival and take time to drop in and video his new property that he has moved in to with Francis.

We finish up with a late October visit to London, staying at The Holiday Inn, Swiss Cottage and visiting Camden Craft market, The Guinness Book of Records Museum and taking an open-topped bus tour

During this time, work continued on our connection of out two houses in Willow Close, Little Paxton, and these videos are referenced together, apart from when there were films of the family made incidentally

Norfolk Family Holiday to Mundesley and Broads Aug 17th 1985 Video10 

Views of the Mundesley Hotel Continental 19th August 1985

Commentary on the Mundesley location Tuesday 20th August 1985 

Della enjoying the Hotel Continental nursery 21st August 1985

Cromer shops and pier show 21st August 1985

Family on Cromer beach 21st August 1985

Family at Cromer Carnival and Red Arrows 21st August 1985 

Family enjoying dayboat ride from Wroxham 22nd August 1985

Horsey Mill, Dyke and Mere 23rd August 1985

Family enjoying Great Yarmouth & last night in hotel 23rd  August 1985 

Visit to Grace and Fred Broad at Stanton (Aug 24th 1985) Video9

Visit to Grace and Fred Broad at Stanton 24th August 1985 

108 Shepherd's Grove Park Gardens 24th August 1985 

Mum Grace & Dad Fred's Stanton Mobile home 24th August 1985

Mum Grace & Dad Fred with Di, Daniel & Della 24th August 1985

Grandad Fred Broad showing Debbie his pond 24th August 1985 

Visit to Sam Weller,  Francis, children and new house  (Aug 24th 1985) Video 11 

Some Family Videos  (September 1985)

Daniel's First boat, Aquabean September 1985 

Debbie and Amy in Bill's Shed September 1985 

Debbie and Della end September 1985 

Holiday Inn Swiss Cottage (Oct 26th to 28th, 1985)

Debbie and Della playing at The Happy Eater for lunch 26th October 1985    

Della ready for her stories to be read Holiday Inn pm 26th October1985

Diana and the children opening their Holiday Inn goody bags 26th October 1985  

Diana and the children in the Holiday Inn swimming pool 26th October 1985   

Diana and the children relaxing in the Holiday Inn 26th October 1985   

Day out on tube to Camden Lock Craft market Guinness Records 27th October 1985  

Some Family Videos  (December 1985)


Daniel, Paul and Jason together 1st December 1985