The Broad Family Video Collection
The Broad Family Video Collection

Broad Family Videos Mid 1985

This time, Della enjoys a fine party in early July and I take Daniel for his first visit to see my new Forestry estate called Thormaid in the Highlands of Scotland at Broubster shortly after. 

Late in July, we take a family seaside holiday to Bude in Cornwall close to my sister Freda's smallholding and then come back to have a nice mid-summer holiday on our boat 'The Lady' on the Great Ouse. 

During this time, work had started on our connection of out two houses in Willow Close, Little Paxton, but these videos are referenced together, apart from when there were films of the family made incidentally

Della’s First Birthday ( July 3rd 1985)  Video5

Della playing with Di 3rd July 1985 

Della opening 1st Birthday presents with Di 3rd July 1985  

Debbie with Della 8th July 1985

First visit to Thormaid at Broubster with Daniel (July 9th 1985) Video6

Daniel Moira Arms Castle Donnington 8th July 1985  

E. Midlands flight to Wick 9th July 1985   

Broubster & Thormaid 9th July 1985

Holiday in Bude (July 12th to July 20th 1985)  Video7

Swimming Holiday Inn Bristol 12th July 1985              

Arrival at Bude Hotel 13th July 1985

Bude hotel stay and rowing boats in canal 14th July 1985

Family Day with Della on Bude Beach 15th July 1985 

Bude beach for our surfing 17th July 1985 

Daniel and Debbie in Bude Hotel pool 18th July 1985 

Windy surfing day on Bude Beach 19th July 1985     

Summer Boat Holiday on The Great Ouse (July 30th to July 31st 1985) Video8   Debbie shows The Lady 30th  July 1985   Summer Boating Holiday 31st July 1985   Della enjoying The Lady  1st August 1985         


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