The Broad Family Video Collection
The Broad Family Video Collection


After my retirement in 1984, it was an era of spending more time with my family and exploiting the new video cameras that were available. Their use at the time was rather primitive, being large cameras supported by battery packs on the user's shoulder, and hardly unobtrusive! Use of the camera was also resisted by the family at the time but has since become an interesting family record.

Here are some trial videos, unedited (sorry!) of my family life in 1984. There are some quite nostalgic pictures of my late Mother and Father included at the end of the year...

Holiday in Bude visiting Freda & Alf at Holsworthy (22-24th/8/1984) video1

22nd August 1984;  23rd August 1984 24th August 1984

Godmanchester Boat Trip (2-3rd/9/1984  video2

                           2nd September 1984  3rd September 1984

First Day Trip to Alton Towers (16/9/1984)  video3

Day Trip to Shuttleworth Collection (30/9/1984)  video4

Day Trip to Woburn Safari Park (7/10/1984) video5

Second Day Trip to Alton Towers (14/10/1984) video6

Nostalgic Weekend return to Brighton (26-28/10/1984) Video7

26th October 198427th October 1984  28th October 1984

My 38th Birthday Weekend (3-4/11/1984) video8

3rd November 1984  4th November 1984

Christmas 1984 (24-26/12/1984) video9

                 24th December 1984 25th December 1984 26th December 1984

Weekend in London Hotel (29-31/12/1984) video10

                29th December 1984 30th December 1984  31st December 1984