The Norwich Aquapark

A splendid day out in Norwich, making Di’s contact lens appointment and enjoying coffee at Oliver’s before time on our own which I spent in the Local Studies Department reading up on the structure of the Broads Authority. To the Aquapark for some family water fun and then the evening cinema in The Odeon, Anglia Square.

We had a much better night of sounder sleep and then the heating seemed to come on automatically as it is supposed to and that made for a comfortable start to the day. The hot water tank had not kept hot enough for showers but we washed down again as we were intending to go swimming later on. It was after 9.30am by the time we set off from the boat and, because Diana had a contact lens appointment at 10.15am, this left us in a bit of a hurry. We just made it with only a minute to spare to be kept waiting for a while and then told that Diana's lenses were perfect and did not need adjusting or cleaning.

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Our morning refreshments in Olivers, an old watering hole of ours, and then I took the girls up to the library as Diana went to do some shopping. I lingered in the Local Studies Department and read up on the structure of the Broads Authority. It was set up in about 1988 under the new Broads Act and is formed of members from each of the local County and District Councils with a further eight or so people specified by the Department of the Environment and other co-opted members. I read up on the background to the Planning Committee which come in useful if I continue to have trouble with my Heronshaw application. Off around the shopping centre afterwards and a nice plate of seafood in the market before taking a good look at the electrical and hardware stores; finally buying a kettle from a very good tool shop that I must remember for the future things that I might need.

A rendezvous for lunch at McDonald’s with Daniel and afterwards he drove us to the Aquapark for some family fun up and down the water slides and around the flumes with the girls. Daniel then drove us back into town where Diana managed to retrieve her watch from yesterday's eating place and then Daniel drove off as we went for tea at the Pizza Hut. Then a smart walk to get to The Odeon in Anglia Square where Diana and I watched "The Commitments" whilst the girls watched "The Rescuers Down Under" on another screen. Out at 8.00pm and the walk back to the boat for 8.30pm and the girls to bed as I read and wrote up this journal.