Further training for Sam to gunshot
Further training for Sam to gunshot

Tackling paperwork, further training for Sam to gunshot, RHDRA administration and more political plans in preparation for a Town Council by-election

Warm and sunny again today and the first job was to take Sam for a run on the eve of the fishing season. More work with the starting pistol dropping Sam to shot and then using the dummy-launcher to first make some even louder bangs for the same purpose and then actually launching some dummies for him to retrieve.

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He is getting much steadier, but I still have work to do. His other problem at the moment is him being nervous of other male black dogs after his recent attack but I hope I can cure him of this with more socialisation. Time with the gardener on my return putting him straight on some work that I wanted him to do and then to my office for the last of my Ropes Hill Dyke letters.

After lunch, a range of paperwork from my desk and then to tackle some of my political work after taking Sam for another run. Wiggly came round this evening and typed in most of her copy for her first Town Council by-election leaflet and we discussed tactics accordingly.