Manchester United beat Chelsea in the FA. Cup
Manchester United beat Chelsea in the FA. Cup

Daniel & Di's Norwich trip as I take Sam for a walk into St Neots for some building society transactions and then the family together at the Happy Eater for lunch.

Bringing forward tomorrow’s leaflet delivery from tomorrow and then clear my filing backlog before watching Manchester United beat Chelsea in the FA. Cup

Diana and Daniel both had reason to go to Norwich this morning; Daniel needed to have his car automatic gearbox examined for a suspected fault and Diana wanted to collect my old Dad's car to get it fixed. Della was off at her Brownie camp and Debbie at school as usual.

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I took a long walk with Sam across St Neots Common and then into the town centre to do some building society transactions. He lay down there and behaved himself and had some more free running on the way back. For the rest of the morning I worked at reorganising my office filing cabinets, shifting things round and so making space for all of the new property deeds within the fire-proof filing cabinets.

I had worked hard at this until it was time to go and meet Diana and Daniel by arrangement at The Happy Eater for lunch. They had a successful morning and had also managed to deliver my RHDRA letters at the same time. The problem was that I had completely forgotten to bring Debbie with me who had come in from school unannounced and so had been left behind locked in to The Hayling View and Daniel had to go back to collect her!

Upon further discussion with the St Ives area activists, we had brought forward the leaflet delivery from tomorrow to this afternoon in deference to the John Smith memorials and this was managed without any objection or problems which is all to the good. For my part, I watched the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea was very exciting until half way into the second half when United went three goals ahead and the match was virtually over. When out with the dog again.

I found the entrance to "Little Meadow" fenced off with posts and barbed wire. Now in "set-aside", this has been cultivated in recent memory and is the latest of several dog-walking areas to be protected. First the wood by the old sluice was fenced and then access barred to Mill Meadow and, with its willows being grubbed out, this looks set for cultivation and then leaving fallow as set-aside also. Luckily Sam is well trained now, but I depended upon those open spaces in getting him to this stage.

More of the derelict riverside land has also been fenced off in two plots and I wonder what has caused all of this in such a short space of time. Back to my office file reorganisation after tea and then to my journal and a bath before bed. I had declined an invitation to a St Ives area social in Houghton and Wyton this evening.