The Old Pathfinder House in Huntingdon prior to its demolition
The Old Pathfinder House in Huntingdon prior to its demolition

After walking Sam, off to Pathfinder House to correct Wiggly's nomination form to the Returning Officer’s satisfaction, so she is now a candidate. Then back to progress her Eynesbury election planning and surviving her attentions

A repeat of the routine where I walk Sam before 9.00am and after 5.00pm and try to tackle my work in the meantime. The poor thing still seems to be suffering from a cough which could either be due to the clouds of pollen and seeds which billow up as he runs across the fields or even his latest sin of running off with the door mat and chewing it up.

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I was due to meet John Roscoe first thing to try and connect my laser printer, but I put this back and drove into Huntingdon with Diana instead. There, she went to the building society and did some shopping whilst I saw Trevor Amis at Pathfinder House and corrected Wiggly's nomination form to his satisfaction, so she is now a candidate.

Then I got John across but, after some time trying to commission my apple printer on the PC, we opted to bring his own laser printer across instead. Some work on the computer afterwards but then further progress towards printing off Wiggly's canvas cards was deferred until the evening so that she could divide the large ward into walks. Therefore, I had time to be postman and got a host of letters and copies around to their addressees.

Wiggly had faxed the previous AGM minutes and chairman's report and I copied it and took it round to Sally and she found it a great help in preparing for the meeting tomorrow. Wiggly spent quite a long time here this evening and we had the walks organised by the end of it. It was nice working with her as she is keen and an attractive lady. By her body language, I also think that she fancies me as she is always flirting as I tease her.