Della's Kimbolton Prep Sports Day.
Della's Kimbolton Prep Sports Day.

Struggling to complete my Rolls Royce repairs for lack of parts and then taking Diana along to Della's Kimbolton Prep Sports Day.

Later, struggling to unite members during the LibDem Branch AGM and having few afterwards to help with sorting out leaflets for our forthcoming by-election campaign.

It was another very hot and humid day and, after my recent late nights, I was not very well equipped to cope with it. A rush to get out with Sam and then along to Cambridge Street Motors to drop off the Rolls Royce for the repairs to be done before taking Diana along to the Kimbolton Prep Sports Day.

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We took a picnic lunch and drinks with us and stayed there until late afternoon but all of the time I was worrying about receiving a parcel containing the urgently-needed new seat belt stems for the Rolls. Even after two days being posted first class, we have still not received them which meant that I could not get the car through its MOT test this afternoon.

More rushing around this evening so as to get the rest of the canvas cards printed and other papers ready for the meeting later. Over to The Priory Centre for the Annual General Meeting of the St Neots Liberal Democrats which was a difficult and tense affair. There has been a lot of very bad feeling between a minority of newer councillors and the majority of older-serving ones with the latter accusing the former of disruptive behaviour and disloyalty and the others being accused of running the branch as a clique of three families. 

First there was the matter of electing branch officers which took time as there had to be a ballot held for the position of Chairman with Rob Williams beating Ross McKay in a secret ballot which I had to organise. Then more trouble as it was ruled out of order for Michael Pope to stand as both Vice-Chairman and Treasurer with the danger that Ross would be nominated for Vice-Chairman but I quickly persuaded John Scott to stand as Treasurer so that everything worked out.

I had to wait right until the end of the evening to get my chance to present plans for the by-election campaign and only then after long wrangling over more interpersonal disputes. Everyone else then left, so that only me, Wiggly, Derek Giles and Sandy stayed behind to help sort out the leaflets for delivery at the start of Wiggly's campaign. We went back to the Giles's household to complete the job which was not finished until after midnight.

I had become quite grumpy by this time and not very diplomatic, particularly as Wiggly seemed either upset or difficult about it. Home still tense after this experience and so stayed up further to type up this evening's journal to be able to relax and go to bed.