Little Paxton School Fete
Little Paxton School Fete

A recovery day walking Sam after a thunder and lightning start and then struggling with election plans whilst trying to keep my LibDem colleagues working together and rising above their disputes.

On to the Little Paxton School Fete later after the disappointing girls’ eye tests.

John Major and his colleagues seemed to be getting into another pickle over the appointment of a successor to Jaques Delore as EEC President.

The background to last night's meeting was a fierce storm with thunder and lightning and we would have hoped that the air was cleaner today but it was still close and muggy. Staggered up and, after breakfast, took Sam for a long walk across the common to relax and give him some exercise after a couple of days' shorter walks.

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Once back, a few calls clearing up the loose ends after the meeting. A chat to Wiggly about organising leafleting and canvassing and then to Rob Williams on urgent aspects of his new chairman's job in bringing colleagues and things together. A visit from John Roscoe to collect his printer and I had to spend some time with him over the criticisms he had in the meeting about accepting FOCUS expenses.

Calls also to the Giles’s and then Ross McKay about an idea of mine to involve John Scott as the arbitrator for the Eaton’s FOCUS editing so as to keep Ross away from Roscoe and also keep the newsletters flowing. A family lunch today at the Bridge Hotel where Gary joined us, and we enjoyed our meal.

Diana had taken Della to town this morning to get things for her 10th birthday party and Della also had an eye test and found out that she had to wear glasses which is a shame. It is just the same age that Debbie first had to wear them. On to the Little Paxton School Fete where I started going round with the girls until they found some friends there to go with.

There was a demonstration of Falconry which was quite interesting but little else for me. More planning and dog work afterwards and then stayed up quite late updating the campaign manuals ready for the start of the work.

John Major and his colleagues seem to be getting into another pickle over the appointment of a successor to Jaques Delore as EEC President. They are finding the present nominee too socialist for their taste.