I was woken by Debbie swimming in the pool
I was woken by Debbie swimming in the pool

Sunday 26th June 1994  - Several sessions leafleting with sisters Wiggly and Joanne after a good training session with Sam in the morning sun who was woken by Debbie swimming in the pool.

Helping two girl owners train a black and hairy Newfoundland to retrieve in the gravel pits

 I slept well until 7.00am when I was awoken by Sam whimpering and so looked out to find Debbie swimming in the pool and unsettling him. Down to breakfast and surprised by the number of people up so early this morning.

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I had a nice relaxing walk with Sam in the morning sun, wearing just my T-shirt and sun hat. This was made possible by my carrying his slip-lead and using this for his retrieving practice. I called Wiggly after 10.00am but still found that I had woken her but arranged to go over after 11.00am to help with the deliveries.

I had Nigel dropping by in the meantime and he collected his hamper and told me the latest news of his relationship saga. It seems that he is growing ever more apart from Lynn who is even going as far as looking at properties with a view to moving out. He is going to use one of the flats for getting away from her in the meantime but then Lynn is soon going to their apartment in Spain for six weeks.

Then off to Park View Court, arriving soon after 11.00am to find that Wiggly had her sister Jo with her and so we three went out leafleting. It was a bit duller, and the air was getting clearer so conditions were not too bad for this. Back home for a splendid lunch of roast chicken again which all of the family enjoyed and then a rest for me in the lounge.

Wiggly telephoned for more help and we three were out again in the afternoon; this time with two walks each. I drove them down to the St Neots Marina after for an ice cream, rest and chat. It seems that Jo is a LibDem activist from Newcastle and a past paper candidate and canvasser. She first encouraged Wiggly to enter local politics leading to her contacting us. Back in time for tea and a nice long walk with Sam.

Spotting a dummy in the middle of a gravel pit, I sent Sam to get it and found that a couple of girls with a dog had lost it when it had become out of their dog's reach. I chatted to them, and we did some more retrieving together. Their dog was a huge black and hairy Newfoundland and Sam never got used to it, but it was good experience.

The rest of the evening phoning round for canvassers and I managed to get quite a few committed for next week so that we should make a good start. One last late call from Wiggly at my request comparing notes on helpers before I updated this last couple of days journal and got to bed well after midnight. I had my first Rolls Royce enquiry today and it could lead to a viewing this coming week.