Geoff Lynch, amongst others, at the time of the Comart sale agreement

Back to work at Comart office and then off to Southampton on Mum’s birthday for a series of Xitan and Byte Shop meetings

To the office early, arriving before 8.00am so as to prepare myself for the day’s business. Review meeting with John to discuss a range of support and marketing issues such as technical change notifications and software training for staff and customers. Also the plans for phasing out distribution of Tecmar and Cromemco – a process that I fear will take at least three months. Review of mail to familiarise myself with events and then to sign cheques for group expenses and import payment transfers. Talks with Derek Morgan to obtain brief for an Industrial Tribunal and advice from Roger Brittain to enlist the services of a new Cambridge firm of Solicitors in that connection. Meeting with Derek Weatherby and a Job Specification agreed for a London Byte Shop Administrator. 

Then by car to Stevenage and by train to Southampton using the journey to prepare notes for future dictated replies on a host of correspondence and comments on government papers. A pleasant journey on a bright day. Then by taxi to the Park Hotel and, suitcase disposed of, off to Xitan Systems Ltd at Cumberland Place for meetings with Geoff Lynch and Russ Wilmott. I had decided that Russ should adopt the title of Acting Manager of the new Byte Shop – Southampton. Then to address a meeting of all Southampton staff on our plans for the split into two specialist companies. Then to return to my hotel to see England beat Pakistan in the Prudential Cricket Cup on television before being joined by Geoff Lynch and John Lamb for dinner. Then to bed.