Tuesday 31st July 1984

A better day as the rain falls and ends the heat and I work in setting up my new office communications and sorting my files out as new life is helped by a baby’s heart transplant and a breakthrough is claimed in Hong Kong

Awake and feeling rather better at 7.00am with Diana bringing me my morning tea. The night had seen the first rain for some time although it was hardly enough to wet the soil. I take another two paracetamol as I want to be sure of being able to do a few things. Breakfast and then to wash, Diana leaving with Debbie to go into town. I was interrupted by first the STC Executel being delivered, by TNT and then Di returning after trouble starting her car. I finish washing, dress and then use my jump leads to start Di’s car and she sets off for Bedford and her shopping expedition. Myself off to Barclays Bank after telephoning Roger Brittain and getting advice on my investments. I meet Bryan George and his assistant ‘Bunny’ who deals with securities.

Monday 30th July 1984

Getting back into organising my investments and industry affairs and appointments after a slow and painful start as a horrific Scottish rail accident claims the lives of 14 dead and the Miners suffer two High Court judgements

Another warm and restless night but at least I woke up without a headache. I was still feeling flushed, however, and took two paracetamol which put me in better shape. Daniel made the drinks and after, Diana the breakfast, and I was well enough to join the family at the table. After a wash and shave and then asked the girls to go down to the swings whilst I made some phone calls. I check on the telephone line and Executel terminal first and try to plan them both for tomorrow afternoon despite delays.

Sunday 29th July 1984

Recovering by this afternoon after a further morning suffering in the heat and then some work and writing achieved before an evening watching a film with Daniel as Geoffrey Howe negotiates some progress with the Chinese over Hong Kong

A fair night’s sleep and awake at 6.30 with a headache and sore throat still. A turn over and snooze until 8.00am and eventually Diana gets up and brings the drinks and I take two paracetamol tablets which remove my headache. Breakfast of fried egg, bacon, mushrooms and bread brought up to bed. Then a morning behind shading curtains trying to keep cool in the stifling heat. I sit in bed with my briefcase sorting my papers and priorities into personal contract and BMMG and have a much better morning – the painkillers succeeding with my headache. Diana brings lunch of cheese rolls and tea to drink.

I managed to get up after lunch, shave, shower and go down to watch the afternoon television sport. The Los Angeles Olympic games opens with a show biz ceremony in equally stifling heat and I watch Northamptonshire beat a west country team in the one day Sunday cricket league. Later, more tired, back to bed as the temperature cools and Daniel arrives back from his picnic and swimming expedition to Houghton with his friend Paul where he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Tea in bed and then an evening with Daniel watching an American film on the Surfing-Sixties of American youth.

The weather today was in the 80s – probably higher – but after an even hotter day, tomorrow thunderstorms are forecast. News today of some progress for Geoffrey Howe in Hong Kong in negotiations with China on an otherwise thin day for news.

Saturday 28th July 1984

The illness catches up with me as the adrenalin runs out and I spend the day recovering and watching TV as £5m of Woburn silver is discovered and 2500 miners and their family march in Leeds and Scotland

A very trying and difficult day. Up to get the drinks after Diana is woken by an early morning feed, then breakfast and a bath to try to get myself going. Off to my 39 Gordon Road office to unpack and use my new Comart micro but soon suffering too much and back to bed for the rest of the day. I am still feeling hot with a dry throat and cough but the weather is also very hot and sunny with temperatures in the 80sdegF in my bedroom.