June 1984

Busy and significant month of developments as I retire from business and we plan for the arrival of our third child

And so ends another financial year for Comart and a year of my journal. A summer of splendid warmth and charm after a dry spring and wet beginning. The plants and trees are healthy and birds and insect life abound as I sit by this riverside home. We own our two houses – both modest – and are presently preoccupied with the arrival of our third child and the sale of our business which are both scheduled for the next week or two. The effects of these changes in our life style are uncertain and naturally leading to some stress but we are taking it remarkably well – if anxious for the outcome to be finalised.

Times are strange with all the old values being questioned with the volatility and change of the age. Some people do well but others are deeply affected by the social problems, mental difficulties, and despair brought on by long term unemployment in what is increasingly a divided society. In the computer industry companies and products come and go as a large game plan is acted out between the majors with the smaller companies also jockeying for position, nothing is certain except uncertainty. I question an economic and social system where change is rife and every man is for himself and will work for the return of more non-price values and consensus. Where decision is upon past precedent and track record rather than on marketing hype. Indeed, where the British tradition of tolerance, fairness and a mixed economy wins through.

Well done, this week, the House of Lords, Lords Cricket Ground and Wimbledon and welcome the end of the Tory Government’s popularity propped up fortuitously by the Falklands war and thus prolonged in its impact. When the hereditary Lords and Ken Livingstone agree, this width of opinion spectrum has to embrace us all.