March 1984

A cold but busy month spent reforming and developing the Comart Group  for sale whilst also leading the Microcomputer Industry;  as I complete my house improvements, prioritise family life and follow my interests of history research, bird-watching and duck-keeping. All this as Thatcher succeeds in upsetting the Miners, her GCHQ security people, the EEC, the Irish republicans and an increasing number of leaders of all political persuasions with justifiable outrage over the jailing of a civil servant whistle blower for revealing covert deployments of nuclear weapons.

A month spent leading the Microcomputer industry, completing my house improvements and then progressing my own family and local history interests whilst mostly reorganising the Comart Group for its subsequent sale by producing three years plans and imposing a management structure that would attempt to replace me. The improvements were  to 6 Willow Close, installing balconies, an open fireplace and chimney stack, which we put to good use as the weather continued cold and frosty this month. As we now have a better view from our bedroom, and I took to researching birds nesting habits and installing nest boxes. With respect to family life, we ensured Daniel’s involvement by collecting him in St Neots after his Saturday Kimbolton School morning and then having lunch before library and shopping trips for books and computer bits etc.