November 1992

This was the month marking the completion of Harnser and the arrival of GSP Pointer/Retriever pup Sam as we weathered atrocious rain, cold wind and flooding and experienced further darkness and very short days.

We celebrated my 45th birthday and commemorated that of my late Dad and n

oted the terrible death of mother and child in a car accident locally close to the anniversary of Della’s own motor accident.

John Major and his government only just survived a vote on the Maastricht European Union Treaty with Liberal Democrat support. They had more problems as their Chancellor staggered from one scandal to another but refused to resign. It emerged that they supported the sale of arms to Iraq before the Gulf War despite an embargo.

The Church of England voted by a majority in all three houses of their Synod to allow the introduction of women to the priesthood.

The weather was a combination of rain and strong winds that led to flooding (so that The Bure was high and flooding many properties and the Hayling View gardens were under water). Fortunately the new Harnser could withstand the atrocious conditions earlier on; with gale force winds and torrential rain driving against the buildings. Then came sharp and bitterly cold weather from the middle of the month onwards as the winter began to bite. The month ended very mild and so we had experienced all conditions and did not know what to expect from one day to another: except the further darkness and very short days. November was a month remarkable for being the culmination of much planning and hard work.

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