Monday 30th September 1991

After talking to the gardener and organising his day, I called Murray White and let him come over to talk to me but he was not going to persuade me that I should continue to run the overall parliamentary campaign. The Conservatives have now ruled out the possibility of a November election and so Sue Sutton had not needed to panic anyway.

Instead, I prepared for this evening’s Branch meeting and forwent the HDC Policy committee. Michael Watson, the boxer, was still unconscious and on a life-support machine

I was up for my normal routine, especially taking care to look after Della on her Monday morning. A least she went off as happily as she has been so far. I was then expecting to get ready for the delivery of fenland soil but the firm rang to say that the heavy rain this weekend had made it very sticky so that it had to dry out before it could be used on a lawn. I chatted to the gardener and got him to open up the compost heaps and we found that much of the compost was reasonably ready to put on the beds and so I got him to do this today. He also sprayed the lawns with a hormone weed-killer now that they are moist enough to take it. The weeds will shoot up and grow so that they can be removed with the mower in the ordinary course.

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Sunday 29th September 1991

After a fine morning washing the Range Rover, it became a rainy day with me watching the Ryder Cup Golf in which the US won as Bernhard Langer just failed to hole the final putt and the motor racing Grand Prix where Nigel Mansell won the race.

I did not call back Murray White over my letter to Sue Sutton but spoke to Michael and Derek about the FOCUS editions. Details are emerging of an American plan to drastically reduce the number of nuclear arms in their arsenal which they hope and expect will be matched by Soviet reductions

I had lots to do for the forthcoming FOCUS but I decided that I should attempt to keep up the physical exercise and so tended the chores and then washed the Range Rover. I had inadvertently left it out last night and, being very wet weather, it was at least wet enough to soften the mud and insects. It took all morning to get it washed and leathered and I tried using rubbing-down compound before car polish and thus managed to reduce the marks on the side of the vehicle caused by the Ropes Hill Dyke vegetation. I had started the day with a nice breakfast which Diana had grilled for the most part to make it less unhealthy. I then ended the morning with a nice Sunday Lunch of roast chicken which was again nicely done.

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Saturday 28th September 1991

Putting my pool to bed on another very wet day, with the swimming season deemed to be over and then watching Ryder Cup golf with Europe drawing level prior to the final day.

I now step back from being the campaign organiser for the entire constituency and just organise the St Neots Branch area as I keep differing with the candidate Sue. Daniel only managed to sell his Montego Estate for £1,500

Up quite late last night, watching the Ryder Cup Golf matches and then I took it a little easy first thing this morning. Some time with Della and then out to feed the fish, doves etc before spending the rest of the morning working on the swimming pool. I had decided that, with the weather turning so cold and miserable, the pool would have to be put to bed for the winter and so I vacuumed it and then super-chlorinated the water before putting on the winter cover. I went into town and tried to get some timber and materials from Tebbutts, but this building supplier is a shadow of its former self in this recession.

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Friday 27th September 1991

Foregoing a trip to Horning in view of the torrential rain that fell today and doing computer work all day, editing Focus and updating my journal. I gave the girls a lift to the bus stop and Della was fine for a change.

Already the river has risen which is welcome after the year's drought. Time out also to watch the opening day in the Ryder Cup where Europe fell behind the United States on a new seaside golf course in the United States.

Not a great deal of sleep last night, but still up and to breakfast in time to eat the meal with the girls. I gave Della her morning piggy-back and let her feed the fish and then, because it was pouring with rain, I loaded both her and Debbie into the back of the Range Rover and dropped them off at the school bus stop. There was no problem with Della this morning and she went off without difficulty for the first time on a Friday. I was thinking of going to Heronshaw for a couple of days but opted to stay at home and do some computer work because of the weather and my other priorities.

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