October 1985

A dry and mild month favouring the Hayling View building and landscaping during which we still find time for one last boat trip and a stay in a London hotel but I was suffering from a back injury for much of it and retired fully from Computer Industry affairs but could concentrate on my video filming and archiving as an outcome. All sorts of conflict with the PLO after they planned several terror incidents after their suffering at the hands of Israel and the crisis in South Africa deepens with ever more government repressive measures and resulting casualties. Back home Thatcher keeps Britain alone out of political and economic measures to respond to that and runs foul of Commonwealth and The Prince of Wales who is also concerned at the many unemployment riots that culminate in the murder of PC Blakelock in my old district of Tottenham where I was brought up. East/West nuclear arms talks shed a ray of hope but still Cruise missiles are deployed in Holland despite mass demonstrations and soon will be in the UK too.

And so ends the month of October – an unusually dry and mild month for the time of year, with plenty of sun during the shortening days of autumn. The builders have now been on site for a month, have done most of the inside work on the house next door and will be entering this side any day now to get the rest of the conversion under way. We have now bought Bill’s plot and taken down a number of the small trees and shrubs, forming a good number of logs for eventual burning as fuel and also a large pile of foliage for November the 5th’s celebrations. The earth from the building excavations has been put into the hollow and we will soon have this new plot ready for the arrival of a workshop. My three new doves have arrived and second colony established in the riverside garden, in their retaining wire mesh cage. The rabbit incursion was warded off but a deer buck made a celebrity appearance. The kitchen, and its appliances were ordered and swimming pool project design finalised. The family are well, and we manage a boat trip and a hotel weekend in London but recent videos of Diana swimming have resolved her to visit the slimming clinic for advice and she may actually follow it this time.