Monday 30th April 1990

After a poor night, regretting that the Huntingdon SLD constituency's efforts in the Bury Election campaign had been poorly organised and then my cough and throat were painful and irritating which kept me awake. A hair cut in St Neots on another fine and sunny day and the weather seems to be set fair for the election run-in.

To the building societies to update my pass books and note the latest interest rates for my year-end financial figures and then to specify the gardening job before resuming work to help Jack and Carole with their Bury campaign. Their community is very divided socially and over the Playing Field dispute. Then over to Great Paxton to help Percy canvas the village for a second time after we had delivered our third leaflet, unfortunately encountering our Sundance livery owner Roland and Mrs Smith in the village delivering their other leaflet!

The news today was of an old Shackleton RAF surveillance aircraft crashing into an island off of the west coast of Scotland with the loss of all of the crew of 10 airman. In Bangladesh, freak thunderstorms with red clouds and scorching 60mph winds collapsed houses killing at least 15 and injuring several hundreds, some of whom were taken to hospital with burns.

Though to bed early, I did not have a very restful night. My mind was churning over with the recriminations of the Bury Election campaign where the Huntingdon SLD constituency's efforts had been poorly organised and then later in the night my cough and throat were painful and irritating which kept me awake. Eventually Diana woke up and got the morning drinks and then I felt tired again but got myself up and dressed for breakfast of toasted and buttered bread. I had time to sort out the conservatory before I left with Diana to get my hair cut in St Neots.

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Sunday 29th April 1990

Another early start on a beautifully sunny and warm day as I took time to sit and read the papers, wash my hair and look after my fish, doves and conservatory, before getting Daniel up after his late night for the family to walk to St James Church for Peter’s family service. Back home to finalise a good deal for the purchase of Redgrave and then over to Warboys to see Jack Taylor to poster-board Wistow and Bury before late home after car trouble to chair an activists meeting. Sally in Priory was home and dry, Percy in the Offord’s looking good but I had to force Jack to wind up the Bury campaign as they were behind as I was already organising polling day.

Lebanese kidnappers in Beirut have said that they will be releasing US hostage Frank Herbert after four years, a compromise between Russia and Lithuania is in the air and the weekend European summit over the weekend, plans further political and monetary union, despite some spoiling tactics by Thatcher

I had gone to bed at a reasonable time for a change having decided not to wait up for Daniel. I was therefore up quite early this morning on a beautifully sunny and warm day and made the drinks for Diana and I to sit in bed for a little while and read the papers. Then I showered and washed my hair and, after dressing, tended the conservatory and the fish and doves before breakfast. I had to get a very-grumpy Daniel up, who had got to bed at midnight, and insist that he do the car and swimming pool this morning as well as join us for a church family service. I composed some sheets and post cards advertising the vacancy for our gardener and then fixed a few of them on our riverside garden to see if we could attract any applicants.

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Saturday 28th April 1990

I was busy tending my conservatory and then cycling to Priory Ward on a sunny and warm day to help Sally put up poster board and canvass with a very warm reception. Home by bike and then Di dropped me off to canvass the Offord Cluny streets and Offord D'Arcy back streets where I was joined by Michael for our most intensive canvassing there ever. Derek Giles and family came over to discuss his campaign and gave me a lift home where I made calls to monitor the campaign and catch up with my journal.

Freda had called about our shop offer after being pressurised by the vendor and Mum had been struggling with her Addenbrookes visit and wheelchair battery life. Thatcher is still very unpopular, and the papers are pessimistic about the economy. Our pool is in use, but the high early-season chemical level gave Della a rash

I was again up early for a day of action. Before breakfast I had fed the fish and watered the plants, opening the vents to give good ventilation on what I expected to be quite a warm and sunny day. I used some ant poison to attack quite an infestation that had appeared in the conservatory. I let Diana take the car today and used my bicycle to get over to the Priory Ward where I helped Sally put up poster boards and then canvas much of the council estate that had not received so much attention in the campaign. It was very warm in terms of both the weather and the reception we were getting and by the end of the morning, I no longer had any fears of the Tory coming back at us.

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Friday 27th April 1990

I arranged to collect Diana after her Bedford and St Neots shopping trip and went to help Carole in her campaign, canvassing in Wistow, after dropping by Jack Taylor's place in Warboys to get some materials. We then and then did a motor car tour of both Bury and Wistow as we discussed tactics and the election campaign.

A bit of a rush to get finished there, get home for a quick lunch with Diana, and then with Percy we went over the rest of the households in Yelling and the Gravely Road to drum up some more support. Home for tea and then out again soon afterwards for the Little Paxton Annual Parish Meeting at the Village Hall as Ray Mathews presented an interesting talk on the wildlife and history of Paxton Pits.

News tonight is of the Court of Appeal quashing the convictions of three Irish people, jailed in 1988 for conspiring to murder Tom King but they were immediately re-arrested under the prevention of terrorism act.

I was up quite early this morning and to breakfast with the others to discuss what Diana was doing today. She was going to Bedford and I wanted to do some canvassing. I telephoned Sally, Carole and Percy and found out that Sally was not canvassing today, but that Carole was this morning and Percy this afternoon. I therefore decided to go up to help Carole in the Range Rover. This meant dropping poor Diana off in St Neots to catch the bus and arranging to pick her up at lunchtime. I used the car phone to get things prepared on the way and I dropped by Jack Taylor's place in Warboys to get some materials.

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