July 1991

A boating and political month taking The Paxton Princess a good confidence-boosting trip down the Great Ouse from The Wash to The Humber and on up this tidal estuary added greatly to my experience of the East Coast waters and proved the boat's capabilities once more.

I managed to put the Liberal Democrat's fortunes to rights in preparing the ground for the Eaton Socon by-election; even though I never going to be there for the final election day. Debbie and Della had both finished school for the summer on a positive note and Daniel had joined us for our boating holiday. I had not seen that much of Mum this month and nothing of Freda, but they seem to be seeing a bit more of one-another. It has been Di's Mum and Dad that were the cause for concern with his eye troubles and her illness with a chill that refused to go away.

This month also saw my classic cars being sorted out with the Reliant getting its MOT and being re-taxed and put back on the road and the Rolls Royce going back into P & A Wood for its annual service where it would be made fully serviceable again. I also put in appearances at both Little Paxton Fetes and was always being called upon to chair meetings but was pleased that my own village hall work was succeeding.

The news is of virtual civil war in Yugoslavia as the government tanks are surrounded by rebel forces and must fight their way out. The national news at home lately has been of a bank failure and worsening industrial and employment statistics and of the economy where the ramifications of the recent bank failure are still sinking in.

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