May 1985

The family do well as we enjoy a month of working hard on industry and personal affairs before enjoying a boat holiday on our renovated boat, cruising the rivers and fens of Cambridgeshire as the sporting, economic and political news on the home front is dispiriting with even Thatcher’s Tory colleagues now against her but the division and violence of the outside world is even worse as bombs, killings and fighting inflame sectarian divisions and spawn atrocities

And so ends the month of May – a month that started cold and blustery and was very wintery, until the last part of it. Even then, storms and rain gave way to a cool breeze that tempered the hot sun. We are all well and free of our colds, but Daniel seems to have his catarrh on a permanent basis – just as I used to when I was a boy. That is no excuse for his poor progress at school. The hay fever season has not yet started and so Debbie is clear, apart from the odd sniff and so she could enjoy her party. Daniella is now growing up fast and walks around beds and objects when she can hold on. She eats more of our food, preferring chips and sausages to munch on at length. This week she has learned a faint word “UVVA” which we think is “brother” to add to her snorting and head shaking. My relatives are also well – Mum & Dad are back from Cornwall and pleased to be home. During their stay they journeyed and walked all around. Freda, Alf and the family are coping with unmarried Stacey and her baby, who are doing fine. Diana’s parents are in Majorca still, in their villa, but will be back soon. We have started to enjoy the summer and the weather now in our newly-renovated boat, The Lady, and have many trips out and holidays scheduled.