Monday 22nd April 1991

After morning breakfast encounters with the peacock and my two daughters, I settled down to work on laying out the election literature and hosted both Michael and later Percy to help with the final copy and decisions.

After making good progress, I was able to make the K.S.S. Meeting after all at Kimbolton Castle, but I might not have bothered! There are more relief flights to aid the Iraqi Kurds and of the first US troops are setting up refugee camps inside Iraq.

The day started bright enough but chilly and the peacock was already waiting for his breakfast when we were eating ours. Debbie set off to school, demanding £20 for a tennis racket on the way out and I then managed a little time with Della before it was her turn. Diana had a morning shopping in St Neots, and I settled down to work at my computer after having a word with the gardener. He wanted to discuss the line of the riverside path and wall with me, and I needed to pay him for the last week's work. I worked on at Priory election literature and had Michael come round to see me to help decide what was wanted and he was happy with the same format as Eaton Socon. Then Percy joined me after lunch when we went through what I had done and checked it.

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Sunday 21st April 1991

Working on the third Election Leaflet as a Peacock visited The Hayling View again, leaving its magnificent tail feather. Daniel set off back to Norwich after not being able to see Angela for a week as she contracted chicken pox whilst with us in America which was unfortunate.

Some sport on TV and then to welcome Percy and Derek round to go over the leaflet designs and they helped me formulate the Eaton Socon version

After the direct election activity of yesterday, I had to work on the third election leaflet today which was an important next step in the campaign. I was up quite early this morning and enjoyed the traditional fried breakfast with which Diana excelled herself for once. It is nice to get proper English bacon again after the rubbish that we were being served with in America. The Peacock was in evidence again today and now comes regularly to The Hayling View to take scraps of food etc. I now have one of its magnificent tail feathers decorating my office.

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Saturday 20th April 1991

Pursuing the election campaign with four candidates and three further canvassers all at work at once whilst freezing in Eaton Socon. Home for lunch and there all afternoon working on the third leaflet of the election campaign, which Percy had set up for printing early the following week.

After tea, Derek and Sandie Giles came round and we worked on the canvas cards and the leaflet together and then I wrote up my journal whilst watching the Holyfield vs Foreman world heavy weight fight on TV. The weather was freezing this morning with frost overnight and then it was actually hailing and snowing in flurries later

A hard day today as I had the Eaton Socon election to run. It started with a fairly early trip to my office to prepare a briefing for the candidates and canvassers. I was at Stratford Place with fifteen minutes to spare and prepared my presentation which was a summary of the canvass results so far, followed by guidance and instructions for canvassing and then a discussion afterwards. Then all out to a canvas session and we managed to get quite a lot done with four candidates and three further canvassers all at work at once. I went out with Judi for a while who was back canvassing after some time away with her personal problems. I then went on to Kings Road on my own and visited a few households there.

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Friday 19th April 1991

Getting a hard disk extension as Daniel's computer birthday present for his Apple Mac and progressing our Eaton Socon campaign whilst making light of some poor and unsubstantiated Tory Election Complaints

I was tired after a late night and was slow to the breakfast table, but I still got there in time to see Debbie off to school. I worked on my computer this morning, updating yesterday's canvas results, and printing out the new prediction and then Daniel came in and we made several phone calls to order his hard disk drive expansion. This was his birthday present to expand his MAC at college to be more useful.

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