August 1990

After our epic boating voyage in a heat wave, it was in the splendour of the state rooms of Kimbolton Castle therefore that this exotic month of August finally ended which was quite fitting. The significant event of the month was certainly Daniel getting his place at the University of East Anglia which was a source of great pride and relief for all of his friends, advisers and family. He had left it so fine by not studying and preparing as much as he ought to have done.

Almost this entire month has been spent in Norfolk on the boating holiday in the most gloriously sunny weather we have ever experienced. It was truly memorable in every way and a fine venture for us to remember as a family before Daniel leaves home for university. The children just about held together for the long time away and it was us allowing them visits from their friends that made this possible. Even so, Debbie missed her pony, Sundance, so and we will have to take him to Norfolk next summer if we are to try to do the same thing again. Diana ended up being quite fond of Heronshaw after being very dubious at first and we look forward to many more happy holidays based there.

Back at The Hayling View, this month has seen the completion of complete re-furnishing and redecoration of Debbie's bedroom and my office as well as a total reorganisation of the heating system. We still have the remainder of the tidying up and hall/utility areas to reorganise and now the employment of a new gardener.

The family are well and my sister seems to have settled very well into her family's new home and business activity. Mum seems to be resolved to join Freda at Redgrave and is making regular visits. This month has seen the crisis in the Gulf unfolding. We were aware that it was happening but did not follow events too closely as we were on holiday.

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