Tuesday 31st March 1992

Visiting Norfolk for a work day with Steven, loading up the Paxton Princess with tools and parts and reviewing the fitting of the new helmsman’s seats and fridge. As Amis had finished the piling, Steven moved piles of mud and we had a chance to see inside Mr Howlett’s boat shed . Meals at the Snetterton café and Broads Hotel and a £50 fee were rewards for Steven for his help during the day

The weather forecast did not look at all promising for today with rain the main feature, but I had planned on going up to Norfolk with Steven and decided to go through with it. We met at my place at 7.00am by which time I had loaded up the car and was just about all set to go. It was just spitting with rain but, as we drove on, it became quite heavy and squally. A rest for refreshment at the roadside kiosk in Snetterton where Steve ate an egg-and-bacon roll and then a piece of bread pudding as well (!) but I settled for a mug of tea and just the latter. We found a break in the showers to arrive at Horning and stopped off at the village store for some milk before getting to Heronshaw where we were impressed with the fact that Amis had finished the piling. However, the ground was wet and full of puddles so we had a cup of tea and then loaded up the Paxton Princess with tools and parts and started to work on her inside.

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Monday 30th March 1992

A full day of tax planning and being reunited with the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society in the footsteps of my father and grandfather before him. Then this evening to the HDC Finance Meeting which approved my £50K St Neots Museum grant after which I was invited for a drink by Terry Hayward in a Buckden pub who wanted my advice and was also trying to pump me for information. I was free with the former and tight with the latter

I was hard at it today working on my financial affairs, reconciling my VISA and cheque account and then finishing off the detail of Daniel's tax planning so that I could fax copy letters to my accountant and solicitor for their comments. I also took time to go through it all with Daniel so that he would understand. I also locked horns with the Homeowners Friendly Society over their appalling administration that is getting in the way of my tax planning. They have opened multiple accounts in error for Diana and then failed to send statements on mine at all.

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Sunday 29th March 1992

Mothering Sunday as the clocks went forward – To a Family Service after discussions with Sally and Percy which resulted in having to put up John Brown from Perry. Then writing to my Focus deliverers to retrieve the situation, before more tax planning for Daniel and I. The weekend opinion polls have Labour still two points ahead of the Tories who seem bound to lose this election.

I had told my colleagues that I was going to be home today and so I was expecting to be talking to several of them. I returned telephone calls to Sally and Percy and covered the problems that I was having with my Paxton deliverers getting the election leaflets delivered and then discussed the choice of candidate for Paxton Ward, It seems that we have to propose John Brown from Perry as we could not find anyone from within the ward but the consolation will be that he will be a keen councillor if elected. Today the clocks went forward and we lost an hour of the morning and then the family church service was due at 11.00am and so it was soon time to rush off.

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Saturday 28th March 1992

After successfully resolving a hotel billing dispute in my favour, we set off home from Brighton, dropping Angela off in Peterborough in time for her train to Stockport. Catching up with overdue election responsibilities and being disappointed at the lack of finding a local candidate to replace me in Paxton.

The Tories seem to have come off worse over the N.H.S. row and their campaign is looking increasingly in trouble with some party members being openly critical and the Stock Exchange ended the week sharply down again.

Slept well again but, Diana having lost her nightie with the bed linen, I took advantage of her predicament and we laid in together. The normal bathroom scrum with me being the last to get ready, and then down to breakfast for our last binge. There was little time to do anything apart from packing afterwards and then I ran into trouble with the front desk. The hotel terms were presented to me as excluding dinner on the third "free" night, which was not as I had understood it when booking. After some delay and referring to our correspondence and then higher management, they waived the charge for these meals which was quite good.

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