July 1985

Celebrating Della’s first birthday and my first full year of retirement with visiting Freda and enjoying family holidays in Bude and on The Lady after concluding some good investments and visiting my new Scottish estate with Daniel after working with my architect and landscape gardens and completing a fair number of computer industry activities, plans and proposals as the apartheid unrest in South Africa and a Ugandan coup holds the headlines and The UK declines to follow UN calls for sanctions and further more Thatcher loses Lords votes and even more friends.

And so ends this July, part of a summer that has seen much wind and rain and little prolonged sunshine or hot weather. I suffered a long and depressing journey to Orpington in Kent to suffer a Greek Christening,   but we have then celebrated baby Della’s first birthday, and thus my first year of retirement, and are safely underway for our longest boat holiday of the year as the month closes. The family are adapting well and enjoying all this but we had a disastrous school report of Daniel’s lack of school progress,   Debbie has made progress with swimming by managing without arm bands for the first time but, unfortunately, the girls are suffering from a tummy upset and, on top of that, we suspect that Debbie has worms, which we will purge when her queasiness has past. I managed the long drive to Bristol to the Holiday Inn en route to Bude to video our holiday visit to Freda and family to find them well. We stayed in the poor Grenville Hotel, whose staff rightly feel that it has lost its family atmosphere by taking in retired clients.